Ellie-Jean Coffey, who quit sports and became a member of the sexually explicit Onlyfans site: She made stunning confessions

Striking confession from the surfer who quit sports and became a member of the site with sexual content: I was harassed, I could not tell anyone

After ending her sports career and becoming a member of the sex site where nude photos and videos were sold, surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey admitted that she was harassed by powerful men in the surfing industry. The young athlete stated that he could not overcome the trauma she experienced for years and could not explain this situation to anyone.

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25-year-old Australian surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey, who ended her surfing career and became a member of the site where celebrities share sexual photos and videos with her sisters and got reactions from surf lovers, said that she was able to bypass the tram she lived for years due to the harassment of powerful men in the surfing industry.

Ellie Jean, who started posting videos and photos of sexual content within Onlyfans, told about the hardest days of her life. The former surfer, who stated that she can take part in adult movies, is very happy that she has a new business.

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Ellie’s memories from the surf industry:

Starting her surfing career at the age of 12, Ellie said that she thought she was the luckiest girl in the world when she first entered the surfing industry, but soon met the dark side of the industry. The young athlete said that after entering the sector, he started to deal with physical and mental abuse, after a while, he received psychological treatment due to the trauma he experienced and that it took years to recover.

I was molested – forced to have sex

Saying that he did not tell anyone but his close friends about the harassment he experienced, the surfer said that not only himself but all girls in the sector were harassed by men in strong positions.

Former Surfer New Adult film actor

The successful athlete said that he felt stronger after a while, so he decided to quit surfing and become a member of the site. In response to the reaction to her for being a member of the site, he said that he was happier after quitting surfing and becoming a member of the site and that she would not allow others to influence his decisions about her life from now on.


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