Elle Brooke bikini and banana combo

Elle Brooke Bikini and Banana: The Instagram model shared her very sexy looks as if she was giving a subliminal message to social media.

Social media phenomenon Elle Brooke’s post was an event! She takes a banana and measures it with her mouth.

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Social media phenomenon Elle Brooke has become an event with her erotic poses that she shared recently. The young phenomenon, who invited her fans to choose their side with a question she asked by referring to the color of her laundry in the description part of the photos she shared, again managed to attract attention. The comments section was filled with both praise for her beauty and opinions from the followers.

Posing with a very sexy lingerie set in blue and red, Elle Brooke became the center of attention with her erotic poses. The social media phenomenon, astonishing with the poses she gave with the banana in her hand, wrote “Manchester is …” under the photo and asked her fans about their sides and ignited a long discussion.

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Although it is known that he is a fanatical Manchester City fan and will always be blue in color, the comments section was flooded with fans of both Manchester United and Manchester City. But it was Brooke’s sexy poses that got a lot of talk from the team fight.

Brooke, who attracted attention in a short time with this share she made from her account with 500,000 followers, managed to become the center of attention again.

Elle brooke bikini and banana combo

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