Elisabeth Moss stars in a drama to tell the story of former US legislator Katie Hill

Elisabeth Moss to Play Former Congressman Katie Hill in Blumhouse TV Project

Elisabeth Moss has found her next role and is sure to be a thrill. The star of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will play the role of former Congressman Katie Hill in the TV adaptation of the recently published book “She Will Rise: Becoming a Warrior in the Battle for True Equality”. Blumhouse TV prioritized the book published in August and accelerated the work.

In the book, Hill describes how she lived as a young woman with no previous political experience, whose charm and common sense conquered the people of her neighborhood and pushed her into the halls of power in Washington. His arrogant self-esteem concealed a cycle of domestic abuse in which he was trapped at home while winning powerful allies and infuriating his enemies.

This incident, which resulted in the publication of the photographs and the disclosure of his own acknowledged personal mistakes, would cause him to be discredited.
Moss, in a statement; “I am honored to have the opportunity to portray Katie and help tell her story. The power and work of women to voice their voice are incredibly inspiring and their experience couldn’t be more important to the current environment. As always, Jason and the Blumhouse team are amazing partners.

Lindsey and I are excited to do something powerful with them and Michael. “

Hill will be on the project as executive producer. Best known for writing the 2005 production of Charlize Theron, “North Country,” Michael Seitzman will write the script. Katei Hill said in a statement; “I will try to take back my story from those who exploit and distort it. I wanted to shed light on the stories of women whose resilience and courage gave me strength when I needed it most and hopefully inspire others. To have this great platform to tell this story, the talented team and lead role in Blumhouse and Michael. Working with the amazing Elisabeth Moss is more than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to collaborating on this project. ” said.

Elisabeth Moss to Play Katie Hill in the TV Series – Here are the Details

Katie Hill said, “I wrote the book She Will Rise in order to get my story back from the exploiters. I also wanted to shed light on and inspire the stories of women who empower me with their courage and resilience when I needed it most. Having such a large platform to tell this story, working with Blumhouse’s talented team and having Elizabeth in the lead role is more than I can imagine. I am very grateful for such an opportunity. I look forward to working together on the project. ” used the expressions.

Jason Blum, one of the producers of the series, said that they are behind Katie Hill and they believe in her struggle to make women strong and show the system itself. He also said that the project will be a source of inspiration and a step for change.

The series is executive produced by Katie Hill. Elizabeth Moss and Lindsey McManus will also be among the producers on behalf of Love and Squalor Pictures. Jason Blum and Jeremy Gold of Blumhouse, who bought the rights to the book, are also among the producers. The screenplay for the series will be written by American screenwriter Michael Seitzman, known for productions such as Code Black and North Country.

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