Eliana Guercio reacted to Manchester United for not allowing transfer of his wife Sergio Romero

Sergio Romero’s Wife Eliana Guercio reacted to Manchester United

Eliana Guercio, wife of British giant Manchester United‘s Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Romero, lashed out at the club that did not allow him to go to Everton on the last day of the transfer and expressed his reaction with a message he shared on social media.

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Sergio Romero, whose chances to form at Manchester United diminished and he agreed with Everton on the last day of the transfer, but the Red Devils did not allow, remained in the team, but his wife Eliana Guercio did not remain silent.

Guercio, enraged by blocking the transfer of Romero, the third goalkeeper in the Manchester team, expressed his reaction on his social media account. Eliana Guercio showed a strong reaction against the English football team that did not allow her husband to transfer. Eliana expressed her reaction rather than giving details about her husband’s condition.

Eliana Guercio “RESPECT ONLY ONCE”

Eliana Guercio, 42, who claims to have won United’s last trophy thanks to Romero, said, “They lifted their last trophy with him. He helped the team make it to the finals 4 times but watched them lose all of them from the bench. It’s time for them to recreate the opportunities and let him go. Just once. He criticized the Red Devils’ rule, saying “respect.”

While this post by Eliana Guercio received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in a short time, the fans supported the Argentine goalkeeper and his wife. Everton, who could not make the transfer of Sergio Romero, added Roma’s Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen to the squad on the last day of the transfer.

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