Ekaterina Lisina World’s Tallest Model

Ekaterina Lisina The World’s Tallest Model Has Achieved A Huge Fanbase. Her striking appearance along with her long legs helped Ekaterina Lisina quickly become a popular person.

Yekaterina Viktorovna Lisina, also known as Ekaterina Lisina, is a Russian model and former basketball player. She currently holds the Guinness World Record as the tallest professional model. During her basketball career, she competed for the Russian National Team at the 2008 Summer Olympics and won a bronze medal.

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Ekaterina Lisina, who has more than 735 thousand followers on Instagram and has become a very remarkable person with her image, is now working with many important modeling agencies.

The 33-year-old Russian model succeeded in gaining a great reputation by attracting attention in the country and in America.

Ekaterina Lisina, 2.05 meters tall, a former basketball player, recently attended a television show in London.

Lisina, whose mother used to play for the local Spartak team and whose father is a professional basketball coach, told British TV bosses, “The media is not interested in my success in my sports career, but in my modeling career.” she reproached.

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Lisina, 33, was originally a basketball player with a long and distinguished career for the Russian national team.

She was a successful basketball player who won a silver medal at the World Championships in 2006, a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, a gold medal at the European Championships in 2007 and a silver medal in 2009.

Lisina, who has the title of the world’s longest professional model, managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest legs in the world (130 cm).

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For her former career as a basketball player, she was rewarded for outstanding service in sports in Russia.

At the same time, raising her 9-year-old son alone, Lisina preferred the podium to the basketball court for her childhood dream professional modeling career.

Lisina, who is reported to have a contract with the World’s Tallest Models Agency, said, “There are no models shorter than 1.90 meters in our agency. We have foreign models as well as Russian models.” said.

Ekaterina Lisina appeared in the comedy sketch “Beauty and the Beast” with Russian bodybuilder Kirill “Popeye” Tereshin.

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