Eglantine aguilar reveals she was pregnant 1 gmspors

Eglantine Aguilar Reveals She Was Pregnant

French model Eglantine Aguilar, who was on the agenda with the love she had with football players, announced that she was pregnant.

She was with 8 world famous football players, now the only question in mind after being pregnant is who is the father of the baby?

French model Eglantine Aguilar got pregnant

Eglantine aguilar reveals she was pregnant 1 gmspors

French model Eglantine Aguilar said she has had relationships with 8 Premier League footballers. Explaining that he was pregnant from a world-famous football player and decided to keep his baby’s father secret, Aguilar stated that he did not want to be with anyone after he became pregnant. The beautiful model claimed to have had relationships with famous footballers Ashley Cole, Mario Balotelli, Marouane Fellaini, Saido Berahino and Joe Willock.

Beautiful model Eglantine Aguilar announced that she had a relationship with 8 players from the English Premier League. It is unknown whether the baby’s father, who is currently pregnant, was one of the footballers he named.

Eglantine Aguilar did not reveal baby’s father after pregnancy

Eglantine aguilar reveals she was pregnant 2 gmspors

Aguilar, who once wanted to have a relationship with all the footballers of a team, said that after becoming pregnant, she decided she wanted to live a quiet life with no relationship with anyone. Saying that the father of his child played for a very large team, Aguilar said that the footballer was very surprised when she told the football player that he was pregnant with him.

Speaking to the British Daily Star newspaper, the beautiful model said that they had a short relationship with the football player, and that the football player, who was surprised after becoming pregnant, gave the necessary financial and moral support for the baby. 29-year-old model former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole, Manchester City former forward Mario Balotelli, Manchester United frontfielder Marouane Fellaini, Stoke ex-forward Saido Berahino and Arsenal former midfielder Joe Willock have claimed.

Eglantine Aguilar did not reveal the name of her baby’s father. The famous female model was silenced when it came to the agenda with the loves she experienced.

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