Dylan Alcott fans react to disgusting act

The actions of Dylan Alcott and his girlfriend caused a reaction from the fans. These actions of Dylan were both criticized and insulted by many.

Scandalous move from former wheelchair tennis player Dylan! She tried the sex toy in public, and this move was widely criticized.

Dylan alcott fans react to disgusting act 2 gmspors

Dylan Alcott, 30, a former Australian wheelchair tennis player, publicly used a sex toy on his girlfriend at a restaurant in London with his girlfriend, sex expert Chantelle Otten. He shared those moments on his Instagram account with the caption ‘use code for discount’.

According to the news in the Daily Star, while tennis player Dylan’s girlfriend was moving the sexual intercourse toy over his genitals, Dylan controlled the sexual intercourse toy with his phone. His girlfriend screamed one after the other, ignoring the people in the restaurant. Chantelle allowed her friends, who were with her, to touch her.

Chantelle shared on her social media account how the sexual intercourse toy is used and how much pleasure it gives. Some of his followers reacted to this post by writing comments like you should be ashamed of yourself.

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