Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah dating? Dua Lipa’s new boyfriend

Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah spent time together! The 27-year-old singer and 38-year-old Daily Show host sparked romance rumors when they were spotted kissing together after an intimate dinner at an NYC restaurant.

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Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah set reports that they are dating flying after the two were imagined kissing and embracing on a comfortable night out on the town out in New York City on Wednesday.

The 27-year-old pop star and 38-year-old host of The Day to Day Show were spotted having a private dinner together at Miss Lily’s, a Jamaican cafe in East Town at this point, restraining photos were taken.

They seemed to have some heavenly science as they finished up the night on a high note with a heartfelt kiss and a sweet embrace prior to heading out in a different direction.

Once more, it’s that season: There’s a chill in the air and everybody is delicate sending off their connections. Spotted out looking pretty couple-y this week? Prospective previous Day to day Show have Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa.

The pair was seen eating at Miss Lily’s in New York on Wednesday, where they evidently shared a kiss prior to leaving — and the Everyday Mail has the very hazy photographs to demonstrate it.

Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah spotted having dinner together, work or love?

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Famous pop star Dua Lipa and comedian Trevor Noah were spotted having dinner together in New York City, USA last night (September 29). Some social media users evaluated the possible “relationship” scenarios of the duo. While some users said, “There’s no way the two of them are dating,” some of Lipa’s fans said, “There must be a contract or something.”

According to the news in Independent Turkish, the source, who shared the photos of the couple from the night with the Daily Mail, said that they sat in a corner in the restaurant far from everyone and they were very related to each other. The source, who also photographed the moments when Lipa and Noah kissed each other while breaking up, stated that the two hugged for a long time.

Trevor Noah

Although there was no explanation from the parties, the photos were interpreted as the couple starting a new relationship. On the other hand, Lipa’s fans were surprised by the famous singer’s photos with Noah and gave different reactions to the event. Some social media users found the couple unrelated, while others commented that Lipa and Noah could be just friends.

One Twitter user wrote, “Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa have to be the most unreal Reddit matchup. There’s no way these two are dating. There must be a contract or something,” he said.

Another shared the internet meme of the baby burning in the video game Sims, writing, “Not now honey, mom trying to figure out if Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa are really dating.” A third user tweeted, “Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa dating is the most irrelevant thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another user said, “After Kim and Pete, nothing would surprise me but who would have imagined Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah? Maybe they’re just friends or something,” he said, expressing his surprise.

Lipa ended her two-year relationship with Gigi and Bella Hadid’s younger brother, Anwar Hadid, last year. The Grammy-winning singer will continue his intense world tour after the breakup until the end of 2022.

Trevor Noah, who did not come to the fore with his private life, has been presenting the talk show The Daily Show for 7 years. The famous comedian announced today (September 30) that he is leaving this program and now wants to focus on stand-up.

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