Dr. Demo Released for Deadrop, the First Game of the Studio Founded by Disrespect

Much loved with his absurd character, Dr. Disrespect founded a game studio called Midnight Society in December of 2021. The studio, which has kept its silence since the day it was founded, announced in December that it was looking for employees for its vacancies. A demo has been released for Deadrop, which will be the first game from Midnight Society.

The game’s demo has been distributed and the creators have the right to share the gameplay footage of Deadrop. Allowing the in-game footage of the production, which has only had an average of 6 months of development, to be published openly, is as dangerous as it is a brave move.

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Content producers who play the game and gamers who express their opinions based on gameplay footage do not have very positive opinions about Deadrop, which will be the first tear of Midnight Society. Although there are those who think that the game is a 6-month product of an inexperienced studio, it can be said that the disappointment is outweighed.

On the other hand, as we mentioned above, the current demo of Deadrop has just gone through a 6-month development process. The goal of the developer studio was to get comments from publishers and other gamers and continue the development process in line with these criticisms. That’s why Dr. We can say that there is still hope for Disrespect’s FPS game.

There is no word yet on when Deadrop will debut.

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