Donald Trump was ridiculed trying to deliver the “I’m on duty” message

Donald Trump became the agenda with the move he made when he said “I am on my duty”

In his photo taken at the hospital, it was noteworthy that the US President Donald Trump signed the blank paper, who wanted to give the message “I am at my duty”. The photo had a great impact on social media in a short time.

US President Donald Trump, who was caught in the coronavirus, made his name with his photo taken at the hospital this time. Trump signed a blank page in a ‘fictional’ photograph to show that he ‘stubbornly’ worked while undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. Trump, whose photo taken while signing on blank paper was served by international agencies, became a mockery on social media.

US President Trump made a surprise to his supporters in front of Walter Reed Military Hospital, where he was removed on Friday after his capture of Kovid-19. First, Trump, who shared a video on his Twitter account, stated that his illness was improving and he thanked everyone who took care of him. Stating that he learned many things about the Covid-19 disease by living in this process, Trump said, “This is a real school. I understood it, I learned it. It is very interesting and I will share it with you.” made his comment.


In his message, “I will probably have a little surprise to the people waiting in front of me to support me in front of the hospital.” While the video message was broadcast, Trump appeared on the street in front of the hospital accompanied by the protection of secret service vehicles and waved to the supporters of the vehicle he was in. It was noteworthy that Trump was wearing a mask inside the vehicle. The surprise visit, which had an echo in the American media, was suddenly on the agenda on social media.

Donald Trump Scores “SIGN ON BLANK PAPER”! Was a mockery on Social Media

Trump’s photo taken in the hospital caused an event. Wanting to prove that he even worked at the hospital, the President of the USA pressed the faka. It turned out that Trump signed a blank sheet of paper to pretend to be working in his photo. White House reporter and analyst Andrew Feinberg also reviewed the photos and said that Trump ‘appears to be signing his name on a blank paper’.

After Donald Trump signed the blank paper, many people made disparaging comments about the US president on social media. Many people started to mock the incident after this operation.

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