Donald Trump is building his own social media, here are the curiosities

Trump is returning to social media in about two or three months,” Jason Miller, spokesperson and adviser for Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, told Fox TV. I said.

Stating that this social media platform will belong to Trump, Miller said, “This will completely redefine the game and everyone will watch to see what President Trump is doing.” He spoke.

Expressing that Trump received offers from many companies for the new social media platform and started to establish his own team, Miller said, “It will be a very large platform, it will carry tens of millions of people there.” used the expression.

US-based social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook first temporarily and then permanently closed Trump’s accounts, which resulted in the death of 5 people after the Congressional raid on January 6.

It is stated that former US President Donald Trump will return to social media with a platform of his own within a few months.

Donald trump is building his own social media here are the curiosities 2 gmspors

What will be the name of the new social media that Donald Trump will establish?

US President Trump announced that he would set up his own social media account after Twitter suspended his personal account. With the new social media platform to be established by former president of America Trump, a more apologetic America and more useful slogans for humanity are considered. According to the information provided, the name of the platform to be established is not yet certain. Millions of people are already excitedly waiting for the plaftrom to be established by the former US president.

Twitter suspended Trump’s “realDonaldTrump” user account and suspended the account “TeamTrump”, which was used by the election campaign team and had 2.4 million followers.

Suspended for “risk of provoking violence”

The social media platform Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account today. In a written statement from Twitter’s security team, “We have permanently suspended this account because of the risk of provoking more violence after closely examining the recent messages and context of Trump’s account and especially looking at how these posts reacted.”

Twitter has closed the account with the username “realDonaldTrump” where Trump was more active.

The official “POTUS” username account opened for US presidents was also seen to be active.

Donald trump is building his own social media here are the curiosities 1 gmspors

The history of social media that Donald Trump will establish?

Former US President Trump, who has been banned by social media giants and whose accounts have been closed, is preparing to return with his own platform. Trump’s adviser, Jason Miller, said the platform could be unveiled within 3 months.

Speaking to Fox News, Miller said, “The president has been away from social media for a while. However, press releases are much more effective than what they do on Twitter. We will see President Trump’s return to social media with his own platform in 2-3 months. This will be the hottest agenda on social media. “He will redefine the game and everyone will want to see what Trump is doing,” he said.

Defending that the demand for the platform in question is very high, Miller said, “This platform will belong to Trump himself. I can’t give much information, but when it comes to life, it will be pretty big. He is conducting a lot of interviews in Mar-a-Lago and many companies want to be involved in the project. However, it is clear what Trump wants to do and in which direction ”he said.

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