Donald Trump death scene in the Simpsons cartoon is on the agenda

The Simpsons cartoon is again on the agenda with sections from past episodes. The scene where US President Donald Trump died and the burning of the police building were shared again today.

Death of The Simpsons Donald Trump

The Simpsons animated film came back to the agenda with US President Donald Trump and previous episodes of the agenda in the USA.

In a section of the Simpsons cartoon, according to the claim, spoilers were given about the current events in the USA. In the Simpsons section, the police building is burning after the events. In reality, the Minnesota Police Department was burned by protesters in the past few days.

Now on social media, the scene where Donald Trump died in the Simpsons episode is shared, and the possibility that Trump may die at the end of these events is emphasized.

The famous US Series makes many claims. Many prophecies have been on the agenda of social media before that. Now, social media is making claims about the death of Donald Trump.

The Simpsons “Donald Trump” Claim and Social Media

Anti-racist actions in the USA are growing rapidly. There are conflicts especially in many cities. The protesters take harsh attitudes towards the police. The soldier does not hurt any activist. The claims that Donald Trump fled to the shelter became the agenda in America!

Many social media users have brought the simpsons claim back to the agenda. President Trump is particularly threatened by many demonstrators. It was the first time in the history of military intervention in the USA. The USA, which is in a big economic crisis, is not known how to use a solution now!

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