Domestic violence: Blake Jenner finally responds to the accusations of Melissa Benoist (Supergirl)

She talked about the domestic violence that Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) endured!

Almost a year after Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) gave a lengthy testimony detailing the domestic violence she endured, her ex-partner Blake Jenner responded to her on Instagram, accepting responsibility.

On November 28, the heroine of the Supergirl series, Melissa Benoist, gave lengthy testimony on social networks detailing the domestic violence she suffered, without naming the person in question. 11 months later, her ex-husband Blake Jenner removes the anonymity of this accusation and in return takes over social networks to explain herself in a long text.

Blake Jenner, also an actor, explains in her Instagram post (Glee, Everyone Wants Someone, The Edge of Seventeen) that she has long been thinking about how to talk about it publicly. “For the last 11 months, I have been thinking how to make this situation public. During this time, I thought of that period of my life that I previously held in shame and shadows. By fear, but if I am aware of something, it is not only publicly, we should also speak privately with the people affected.

And to add: “I take full responsibility for the damage I have done emotionally, mentally and yes, physically, during my relationship with my partner”.

Blake Jenner also talks about the couple therapy she undertook, and when there are allegations like that of Melissa Benoist in the press, she finds it important that “both sides report on the other” and “everyone has the right to defend themselves when deemed necessary”. He also explains that his ex-partner threatened to harm himself “out of depression and fear of abandonment. He details physical abuse. He would endure (an accident that would traumatize him in the shower).” memories.

Finally he says: “I can say I know who I am, and after a long introspection and working on myself I know that I grew up and learned from my mistakes, but I understand that I can always keep learning and growing. Sharing my story makes people think, listen and abuse to some extent hope it will help him get out of shame and privacy. ”

Blake Jenner’s full Instagram post:

Blake Jenner responded in the post she shared on Instagram by Melissa Benoist. Supergirl, who shares a statement from her Instagram account, draws attention with her social media sharing.

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