Is Iron Man Tony Stark Alive?

Avengers: Ultimatum finally shocked fans. Iron Man Tony Stark dies to save the day and defeat Thanos.

As is known, Robert Downey Jr. as the movie hero However, there are still fans who believe in comeback. A netizen in Reddit argues that Tony Stark has managed to survive the movie.


[SPOILER] is alive and Avengers: Endgame tricked Marvel fans


The user, identified as Kedrosal, uses two scenes at the end of Avengers: Ultimatum as a base. First, it draws attention after fan Tony Stark gave the snapshot that defeated Thanos.

At this point, Pepper Potts asks what the hero’s situation is on Friday. The system states that the state is “critical”. Then Tony’s reactor goes out and Iron Man is declared dead.

The internet user gives Pepper’s statement, “We will be fine” in another context. For him, as his movies, Tony Stark showed life to Marvel recently, because the reactor is now directly connected. Thus, even in critical condition, the team can be activated again and the hero can be saved.

Based on this hypothesis, the Internet user argues that Iron Man wants to bring back Thanos and later retire. The fan believes that death is staged so that the world will no longer “disturb” Tony Stark.

Netizen uses the last scene as another argument. Only the reactor is seen at Tony Stark’s funeral. The billionaire has no bodies or ashes. Thus, the fan believes that the character is hidden and healing. Robert Downey Jr. This can be used if he decides to return.

This is a very controversial theory. Note that directors Joe and Anthony Russo announced that Avengers: Endgame was actually the end of the line for Tony Stark. They also made sure that they did not want to leave room for the possibility of a false death.


Marvel Robert Downey Jr. Failed to Sign Contract

Marvel Studios have begun to come up with different ideas for new era hero films. They stated that they drew a 10-year Periot, especially for the War of the Last Avengers. In the New Era, Robert Downey did not sign contracts with famous names like JR again.


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