Do you know that Katie Price is going to be a sixth-time mom?

British TV star Katie Price announced that she was pregnant. 42-year-old Price said, “This is the best feeling I’ve ever felt.”

Katie Price announced that she was pregnant again. Standing out with her beauty, Katie Price continues to expand her family. She expressed that she was very happy to have a new baby. She states that now everyone is pleased to have a new family member stay with her husband.

Do you know that Katie Price is going to be a sixth time mom 2

She came to Turkey in August last year, both have made both resorts are undergoing plastic surgery Katie Price, experienced an unfortunate accident and broke both her legs as a result of it.

The British star explained in an interview with the British newspaper The Sun that it could never be the same. Stating that she registered herself as “walking disabled”, Price summarized the last six months he spent.

Price stated that both legs were constantly aching and therefore she walked like a duck.

Adding that he can walk for 20 minutes at most during the day, Price said, “I will never be the same as before. One leg is longer than the other because of the metal placed. That’s why I limp when walking.”

Price stated that he felt constant pain in his legs after the accident and the operations he had, and that this pain was in the form of an electric shock starting from his feet.

Do you know that Katie Price is going to be a sixth time mom 1

Kate Price often came to Turkey for cosmetic operations, sad news from social media accounts “a stupid accident,” she announced with words.

Katie Price to drop her son into a nursing home

Price had made a difficult decision to restore the health of his son Harvey, who had grown to 184 kilos even though he was only 18, and to enable him to build a more independent life.

Katie Price announced that she would leave her son, who has some congenital diseases, to a private nursing home for treatment.

Katie Price explained that Harvey, who also has autism, will receive special education to lead a more independent life in a nursing home.

The model stated that this land broke her heart.

Emphasizing that this compulsory separation will also change the deep relationship between them, Price has visited and evaluated institutions that provide education to children with learning difficulties and autism with his son Harvey in the last six months.

Saying that it is very sad not to see her son every day, Katie Price said the following on the subject:

This is the best for Harvey. We all have to think positively. Because I don’t want Harvey to think I kicked him off. This is a chance for my son to start an independent life, develop new skills and socialize with other people.

Price added that he was trying to explain to his son that he could not be with him at any time.

Do you know that Katie Price is going to be a sixth time mom 3

The famous model shared a post for her son Harvey on her Instagram account.

Price had said that he wanted to rent exercise equipment for his son with Prader Willi Syndrome, born of Dwight Yorke.

“Can someone help me? I want to rent a treadmill and rowing machine for Harvey,” Katie Price posted on Harvey’s post to help her lose weight.

Explaining that his son, who is congenitally disabled, should move at home during the quarantine process, Price asked those who would lend him a helping hand to send him a message.

Katie Price’s call for help for her son was criticized by some social media users.

Reminding of Price’s plastic surgeries and luxury vacations, his followers reacted to his inability to buy an exercise equipment for his son.


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