Disney Plus will bring age-restricted adult movies

There will be +18 movies on Disney Plus from now on. The first +18 movies added to the platform will be Deadpool, Deadpool 2 and Logan.

Disney has been doing its best to maintain that image, as it has been known as a family-friendly studio and entertainment company since its inception. Today, the Disney name is known around the world as the company that offers content suitable for the whole family. However, the company has a lot of content that does not fit this definition. As you may remember, Disney bought 20th Century Fox with a huge deal in 2019, and within the scope of this agreement, it also became the owner of many content with a +18 age limit such as Deadpool, Alien, Logan. How the company will reconcile these contents with its “family-friendly” image has been a matter of curiosity ever since.

However, the latest news shows that Disney is ready to accept their content. Movies with a +18 age limit such as Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Logan have not been on the Disney Plus platform until now. Because Disney was trying to keep it as a platform without +18 content. However, the company eventually gave up on this decision and announced that +18 movies such as Deadpool, Deadpool 2 and Logan will also be added to Disney Plus.

Disney Plus (Disney+) is already offered as a combination of multiple Disney platforms. In other words, there is not only Disney+ content on the platform, but also content from platforms such as Hulu and FX. That’s why adult content such as Deadpool, Logan, Alien has been offered to users in Turkey since the very beginning. However, these platforms are offered separately in North American countries such as the USA and Canada. Therefore, content such as Alien was not added to Disney+. These contents were available to users in the library of FX or Hulu. However, with this final decision, +18 content will now be on Disney Plus.

This move from Disney may also be a signal that the company will invest in more adult TV series and movies in the future. As you know, Deadpool 3 will be the first +18 Marvel movie prepared under the umbrella of Disney. It seems that the studio will step into more adult content with Deadpool 3.

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