Disgusting stamp on Fenella Fox’s photos on Instagram

Photos shared from Fenella Fox’s Instagram account continue to receive comments from her followers. Fenella’s followers announced that they found the young woman’s posts disgusting.

There is another obnoxious method to the phenomenon that makes thousands of dollars from their suggestive poses.

Disgusting stamp on fenella foxs photos on instagram 3 gmspors

Fenella Fox’s disgusting photo comment arrives

Fenella Fox, the phenomenon, responded with a statement she made to the trolls who criticized her for sharing without cutting her armpit hair. Fox also said that she has fans who love armpit hair and even made thousands of dollars by selling these photos to her fans.

Fenella Fox said that she is a person who is at peace with herself and that in the future, body hair and women without make-up will be much better accepted by the society.

Fox started working as a model when she was 18 and started selling sexually explicit photos.

Disgusting stamp on fenella foxs photos on instagram 2 gmspors

The young phenomenon said that she sometimes suffered serious attacks for taking pictures and sharing without shaving her armpit hair, so that she began to worry about her life.

Fox said that she also has fans who love armpit hair, and even earned thousands of dollars a month by selling armpit hair to these fans.

Disgusting stamp on fenella foxs photos on instagram 1 gmspors

Fox, who is constantly on the agenda with her posts, said that some of her fans begged her not to cut her armpit hair.

Fenella Fox has thousands of followers on Instagram

Fenella Fox continues to increase its popularity with more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram. Fenella Fox maintains its silence in the comments made to Instagram posts.

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