Director of Netflix documentary about Bob Ross’ life: His Friends were afraid to give interviews

Joshua Rofé, the director of the documentary Bob Ross: Betrayal and Greed (Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed), which will be released on Netflix, explained that the painter’s friends are afraid to give interviews.

The documentary about Bob Ross will meet the audience on August 25. The documentary, which will bring Ross’ life to the screen, will bring to the screen the troubles of the painter despite his reputation. Finally, the director of the Netflix documentary shared the details of the production.

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Working with the producers of the project, Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, Rofé said:

“We started reaching out to people who knew and worked with Bob, and in the process, two things really became clear. First, they loved Bob, and second, they were afraid to talk about him publicly.”

Stating that they had great difficulty in finding information about Ross, Rofé stated that the veil of secrecy about the painter’s life motivated him more to prepare the documentary.


“There are people who love him who are afraid to talk about him after all these years since he passed away. I felt there was no doubt that this would make an interesting story. There was concern about legal reprisals in the initial phone calls, and these are obviously key parts of the story.”

On the other hand, Nick Schager, in his article in The Daily Beast, mentions that Ross’ life, which inspired many people to paint, is quite complicated.

Stating that Bob Ross started to make The Joy of Painting program, which was broadcast on PBS from 1983 to 1994, after meeting the couple of Annette and Walt Kowalski, Schager states that the couple knitted a lot of socks on Ross’ head afterwards.

The Kowalski couple, which is stated to have a share in Ross’s fame, started to manage the Bob Ross Inc company after the death of the painter.

Schager says that the reason why many people hesitate to speak in the documentary is the Kowalski couple’s habit of going to court.

Allegedly, the couple worked hard to get the rights to the artist before Ross died.

According to Decider, Ross’ son Steve Ross states that before he died, his father said, “They are trying to steal my name,” in reference to the Kowalski couple. It is stated that Ross’ family has not benefited from the painter’s legacy.

Bob Ross: Betrayal and Ambition Hiding Among the Happy Little Trees hits Netflix on August 25.

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