Diletta Leotta Reveals Her Physical Quality

The fans made the stadium moan, saying ‘Open your breasts’! Diletta Leotta shared her low-cut pose and used the expression Xmas party.

Dilette Leotta, the sexy presenter, who was exposed to the ‘open your breasts’ chants of Napoli fans, attracted attention with her low-cut Christmas style. Comments poured in on the Italian announcer, who is alleged to be with Loris Karius.

New Year’s excitement gripped Italian presenter Diletta Leotta. The star, who attended the Christmas Party, swept Instagram with her deep-necked poses.

Diletta leotta reveals her physical quality

Leotta’s post received more than 300,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

The Italian star was given comments such as “I want you from Santa Claus” and “I wish to be as lucky as Karius”.

There are those who criticize Diletta Leotta, who has more than 8 million followers on Instagram, as well as those who love her in the sports community.

Some colleagues claim that Leotta gained fame because of her beauty, while others argue that the famous announcer is as successful as she is beautiful.

Diletta leotta reveals her physical quality

It is said that Diletta Leotta, who was in love with Can Yaman before, is now with German football player Loris Karius.

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