Diletta Leotta may be in a relationship with Loris Karius

The claim that Diletta Leotta may be in a relationship with Loris Karius made headlines in the news.

It has been claimed that Loris Karius, the goalkeeper of Newcastle United, who also played for Beşiktaş for a while, had an affair with the beautiful presenter Dietta Leotta. The allegations that Leotta, who had a relationship with the Turkish actress Can Yaman for a while, was with Karius, made a big impact on the social media.

Loris Karius, who guarded the goal of the Premier League team Newcastle United and played for Beşiktaş for a while, continues to stand out with his love life as well as on the field.

The German press claimed that Loris Karius left her influencer boyfriend Janine Wiggert, who has more than 1 million followers on Instagram for Diletta Leotta.

Italian server Diletta Leotta had a relationship with Turkish actress Can Yaman for a while. After leaving Yaman, the name of the beautiful server came up with two more people.

Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius appeared.

After days of stalking, Chi paparazzi managed to thwart the “first kiss” between Karius and Leotta, which took place during a dinner at an exclusive venue in Milan.

The couple indulged themselves in a bit of effusion, which then culminated in a kiss that formalized the flirtation between the journalist from Dazn and the Newcastle United footballer who flew to Italy (in a private plane) to spend just a few hours in Diletta’s company.

Although the two have only been dating for a few weeks, Leotta and her boyfriend seem to have become inseparable with the 31-year-old, who recently flew to London to spend Halloween night in the company of Karius. During a dinner in the city thanks to some mutual friends.

Although initially Diletta Leotta (broadcast with Daniele Battaglia on Radio 105) and football player tried to stay away from the world of gossip, today the couple seems to have decided not to hide anymore to live in the light of day. weeks after the journalist’s first “official release” with her current ex-boyfriend, Giacomo Cavalli (who appeared next to her on the occasion of her older brother Mirko Manola’s wedding).

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