Diletta Leotta is back on the agenda after her love allegations (being an actress)

Diletta Leotta Pauses Sports Announcer Profession

It was revealed that the famous announcer Diletta Leotta, who was seen with the Italian director and spoke a lot with her private life, will take part in a film project that will be released during the Christmas period.

Diletta Leotta has been known as a sports announcer for years. However, the beautiful presenter has recently attracted attention with his decision to step into a different profession. “Diletta Leotta”, who managed to take a role in a new movie, is now expected to come to the fore as an actor.


While the famous Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta made peace with her boxer lover Daniele Scardina, whom she broke up with in the past months, her name continues to confuse love rumors.

Diva e donna magazine, published in Italy, recently viewed the successful announcer with Italian director and actress Alessandro Siani, but the reality behind this meeting turned out to be very different.


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Love claim about Diletta Leotta and Siani turned out to be a lie

The allegations of love between the Italian director and actress Alessandro Siani and Leotta turned out to be false. The beautiful sports host is known to be single and not have a love affair.

It was stated that Leotta and Siani came together for the movie project, which is expected to be released next year during the Christmas period and where the famous announcer will play one of the leading roles, and there is no love between the two. No explanation was received from Leotta, who previously voiced in two films and will take part in a project as an actor for the first time.

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Diletta Leotta will increase her wealth with her new profession

When Diletta Leotta chose acting as a new profession, it made headlines once again. It was learned that besides being interested in football, he was a good movie watcher. Leotta is expected to increase her net worth of $ 350,000 in the near future. The net worth will be $ 400,000 at the end of the year, especially with new agreements with advertising companies and the movie that is expected to be released soon.

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