Diletta Leotta celebrates 30 years in Catania

Dancers, acrobats, artists and many VIPs for the ‘White and Shine’ party where Diletta Leotta celebrated her 30th birthday in a town near her host’s hometown of Catania. Even the swimming pool villa hosting the event is decked out in all-white trim, furnishings and glories of Sicilian lemons. The lemons also decorated the cake on which the TV presenter blew out the candles at midnight (it’s her birthday).

She danced, sang and swayed on a bright swing set in the garden, naturally in a party-themed white dress embellished with rhinestones and sequins. The absence of Can Yaman among the many friends, relatives and colleagues who reached the party from various regions of Italy, including Elodie and Daniele Battaglia, drew attention.

The Turkish actress didn’t even see herself in many videos shared by guests on her Instagram stories, although it made it hard to think she was busy on a set in August. And that’s exactly in the days when hints about a relationship began to circulate for the use of the media rather than being evoked by big emotions. Because of this, the MC would prepare to return as a TV single as the leading face of Dazn’s football broadcasts.

Diletta Leotta celebrates 30 years in Catania 3

But on social media, controversy over some photos of Diletta Leotta’s birthday party has been unleashed, and it’s one of the top trends where young women are seen “turning” into chandeliers: the girls actually have a lampshade on their heads. Someone tweets, “The chandelier women on a woman’s birthday in 2021 are humiliating me.” “Girls used in adornment are reprehensible” repeats another. “For her birthday, it’s one of the comments that confirms that beauty is, she dresses women like chandeliers” is also one of the disapproving comments.

Diletta Leotta’s outfit, which she celebrated her 30th birthday, was criticized by some of her followers, and other followers also supported the beautiful server.

Diletta Leotta celebrates 30 years in Catania 2

The beautiful presenter celebrated her birthday on the night of August 18. While Diletta Leotta drew attention with the outfit she chose for her birthday, the absence of Can Yaman on her birthday did not go unnoticed.

Italian sportscaster Diletta Leotta celebrated her 30th birthday with a birthday party. The young server shared the moments when she blew her cake on her Instagram account.

Can Yaman, who recently came to Turkey with his Italian sports announcer lover Diletta Leotta, met with his lover, mother and father in Bodrum. Mother Güldem Can, who said “It’s so sweet” for Diletta, gave the signals that the couple’s relationship was on the way to marriage by saying, “We have a wedding next year.”

Diletta Leotta celebrates 30 years in Catania 1