Diletta Leotta, allegedly having forbidden love affair with İbrahimovic, Takes Vacation

Diletta Leotta visited her active volcano

Sports announcer Diletta Leotta, whose name was involved in love rumors with the world-famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, visited the Etna Volcano in Italy, which is the largest volcano in Europe and is still active.


Sports skater Diletta Leotta paid a visit to Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. Leotta, who presented his trip to his followers on social media, dropped the note “Our country is fascinated” in his post.

The photos shared by the beautiful sports announcer received close to 500 thousand likes in a short time.


Diletta Leotta, who allegedly had a forbidden love affair with İbrahimovic, shared the moments she visited on her social media account.

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Diletta Leotta

Diletta Leotta allegedly had forbidden love


Diletta Leotta recently got involved in a love rumor with the world famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose name is married.

The news, titled “Summer Surprise Couple” on the cover of “Chi” magazine, which is a weekly publication in Italy, alleged that the two had dinner alone at a restaurant on the island of Sardinia.

These allegations were denied by Leotta’s manager with the statements “Two professional people came together for advertising cooperation and there is no relationship”.


There was no statement on the subject from the Zlatan Ibrahimovic front.

Etna Volcano, located in the Sicily region of Italy, is one of the three active volcanoes in the country, as well as being the largest in Europe.

The current height of Etna is 3,326 meters, but this height increases from time to time with the eruptions at the top.

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