Diet secrets of Giorgio Barone, former chef of Cristiano Ronaldo

Giorgio Barone, former chief of Cristiano Ronaldo, explained the most important points in the feed of the world-famous football player.

Ronaldo’s former chef told the Portuguese star’s diet secrets, but he warns that some points are important. Despite his advancing age, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a machine and continues to live his life with full discipline.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s former chef, Giorgio Barone, explained how the Portuguese football player maintains his strict diet regimen and fitness. Although Ronaldo is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, the cost of the kitchen is not as imagined…

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Ronaldo’s ex-chef told the Portuguese star’s diet secrets

36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, who transferred to Manchester United, one of the English Premier League teams, started a new adventure with his signature for his old team. Continuing to perform at a high level despite his advancing age, Ronaldo’s biggest weapon is his health, which he takes care of. Giorgio Barone, his former chief, told how Ronaldo, who turned stones on many athletes with his muscular structure, was fed to maintain his form.

Ronaldo, who recently became the all-time top scorer at the national team level, follows a strict diet regimen. Italian chef Barone works for another actor each season and spends the rest of his time in his restaurant in Sardinia. When Ronaldo transferred to Juventus in 2018, he became the head coach of the star football player.

Stating that the secret of Ronaldo’s sharp physique is what he eats, Barone said, “There are no expensive foods on his list. But there are healthy foods. I use organic and natural foods; fish, chicken, beef, eggs, avocado, coconut oil and black rice. “You have to look at your body like you’re looking at a Ferrari.”

One of the Secrets of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Physique is Diet

Ronaldo, who is preparing to return to Manchester United with the Newcastle match in the Premier League this weekend, is on a heavy protein diet. Chef Barone kept sugar, fat and carbohydrates to a minimum throughout his service to the Portuguese football player and his family. Seafood such as shrimp and octopus, beef, whole grains and lean meats apart from salads are some of Ronaldo’s favorite foods. While proteins help build and repair muscle, they slow the body’s breakdown over the years.

Stating that the secret of Ronaldo’s sharp physique lies in what he eats, Barone also states that continuing the life of the famous football player in full discipline is one of the secrets of his success. Ronaldo does not use harmful products such as alcohol and cigarettes and is very meticulous about his health.


Using coconut oil has surprising calorie-burning effects. It was always used in the cooking of Ronaldo and his family, as it is high in lauric acid, which is said to burn fat and improve cholesterol.

“I cook using coconut oil. It is also important to drink plenty of water. You need to drink lots of water. Of course, it all comes together with hard training. but rest is just as important as training and nutrition, including in the afternoon. Dinner should be eaten early, not late.

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