Diego Simeone to sign a contract by 2024

Spanish La Liga team Atletico Madrid will offer a new contract to coach Diego Simeone and renew his contract. On the other hand, Aletico will play in the championship match at the weekend.

Spanish giant Atletico Madrid decided to extend the contract of coach Diego Simeone, who has led the team since 2012.

In the news in ESPN, it was stated that the executives of Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone will meet at the weekend to extend the contract.

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New contract from Atletico Madrid to Diego Simeone

It was noted that Atletico Madrid, which was at the top of the Spanish La Liga, wanted to continue for 2 more years with Diego Simeone, the manager of the management.

It was alleged that during the days when Diego Simeone ran for the 2nd La Liga championship, the club management made a new contract offer to the Argentine coach. It is believed that Atletico Madrid, who entered the last week of the season in La Liga, 2 points ahead of its closest rival Real Madrid, will continue to be together with Simeone.

Diego Simeone, who took over Atletico Madrid on January 1, 2012, won 1 La Liga, 1 King’s Cup, 1 Spanish Super Cup, 2 UEFA Europa League and 2 UEFA Super Cup victories.

Ángel Correa deserves great respect at the championship

If this Correa had done then it was like Suárez. The disorder in Argentina joined the Uruguayan activity at a key moment. The day Atlético played in the eleventh league, he did not forgive the attacking guys. Nerves were crossed and football became fair with Simeone’s team.

It was a designated day that Atlético had been waiting for so long and the title was in the hands of the colchoneros. However, a few players of the rojiblanca team were not ready for the task. Nerves blocked the legs of actors like Hermoso, Saúl and even Koke for a few minutes. Carrasco was not at their level either, but the strength of the group seemed to be avoiding greater evils.

Angel Correa ended the season with nine goals and eleven assists. The Argentine earns a spot in the top 11 without making noise, despairing some and falling in love with others. He sent Joao Félix to the bench, scoring decisive goals, and came out when some did not think. His discomfort made the rival defense unstable and put him in Atlético history.

Luis Suárez should have been the author who gave LaLiga to Atlético. He finished the championship with 21 points in his closet. It has lost pace and does not have the physics of the past, but it is always where it is needed. With all the pressure in the world, when a championship was in danger, the football planet focused on it, he did not forgive. He beat Masip hand in hand and brought delirium to his new club, they were dying of jealousy in Barcelona. It has been massively verified.

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Valladolid – Atletico Madrid determines champion after match result

Atletico Madrid, who entered the last week in La Liga as the leader, beat Real Valladolid 2-1 in the game they fell behind and became the champion. While Diego Simeone’s team reached the championship in La Liga 7 years later, Luis Suarez, who came from Barcelona at the beginning of the season, marked the season with his critical goal. Atletico Madrid thus managed to become the champion for the 11th time.

The champion in Spanish La Liga was announced this evening. Atletico Madrid fell 1-0 just like last week, winning the match 2-1 with the goals of Angel Correa and Luis Suarez and became the champion with 86 points. Diego Simeone’s team reached the championship in La Liga for the first time after the 2013-14 season. Real Madrid beat Villarreal 2-1 with goals scored in the last minutes, but finished the league in second place with 84 points.

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