Did The Weeknd Apologize To Bella Hadid Via Voicemail?

The Weeknd Apologized By Voicemail At Coachella, And People Thought It Was From Bella Hadid. Bella Hadid Apology Message was on the agenda at The Weeknd, Coachella. Fans thought it was a promising moment for Bella Hadid.

The Weeknd Stole an Apology Voicemail at Coachella, and Fans Confused When They Think It’s From Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid Apology Message

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The Weeknd’s fans are guessing over the character of the lady heard talking in a voice message played during the Canadian artist’s title set at Coachella.

The primary few days of Coachella 2022 has come and go, with The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia finishing things off with their featuring set final evening (instead of Kanye West after he pulled out of the fest last-minute). It was a remarkable method for setting a limit for the large end of the week, particularly since it seems The Weeknd’s set incorporated a gesture to Bella Hadid, his ex.

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The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia played out an end execution during the current year’s Coachella The principal few days of Coachella 2022.

That voice message is the blue and dark/white and gold dress of voice messages. Since there will be individuals who are determined that is not Bella Hadid’s voice (perhaps because of there being such an excess of dynamic discernible feeling that can be heard), and afterward there will be individuals who are 100 percent persuaded that The Weeknd straightforwardly replicated that message from his iPhone’s voice message inbox and connected it to Garage Band to make an outro test. Yet, in the event that this tweet from this irregular Twitter client is to be accepted, it certainly wasn’t Bella Hadid’s voice finishing off that tune at Coachella, yet the voice of an expressed word craftsman by the name of Sarah Lyoness.

Bella hasn’t ringed experiencing the same thing, for the most part since she has more pressing issues to focus on (in particular, indeed hauling Instagram via web-based entertainment subsequent to getting briefly shadowbanned from the application for posting backing of Palestine).

Actually, I don’t trust that is Bella Hadid. Most importantly, I don’t really accept that The Weeknd is the sort of individual to save voice messages. He’s certainly the sort to hit the number “7” in fast progression to erase without listening critically. Yet, more than that, will be that the way in which we figure Bella Hadid could leave a voice message to The Weeknd? You can’t let me know that in a real sense every one of The Weeknd’s voice messages don’t start with the guest being profoundly befuddled. “Greetings, is this… really The Weeknd’s telephone? I can’t tell. You supplanted your ordinary active message with some strange statement about the uselessness of discernment and love being life’s cruelest joke or something to that effect? Tune in, get back to me assuming it’s you.”

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