Did The Simpsons foreshadow the UK fuel crisis?

The Simpsons series became the agenda on social media about a prophecy coming true again! They covered the fuel crisis in the UK in the episode 11 years ago.

Known for predicting many agenda-setting events, from the election of former US President Donald Trump to the Congressional Raid, the Simpsons series has also been claimed to predict the ongoing fuel shortage in the UK. In the episode that aired 11 years ago, the character Homer fills the trunk of his car with gasoline to win promotional toys for the character Maggie.

A new claim has been made about the Simpsons series, which makes predictions about many events on the world agenda and most of them are correct. People who share images of the series on social media think that the fossil fuel shortage in the UK is predicted in the series.

Did The Simpsons foreshadow the UK fuel crisis 2 GMSPORS

The Simpsons episode 11 years ago was on the agenda

The theory put forward by users is that in the November 2010 episode of “Lisa Simpson, This Isn’t Your Life”, the character Homer bought 1,000 gallons of fuel to win a promotional toy for the character Maggie. In the record-breaking scene, Homer fills the trunk of his car with fuel.

In the UK, fuel stocks at petrol stations began to decline due to problems with shipments. On the other hand, some types of fuel in petrol stations have run out. Those who wanted to buy fuel for their vehicles formed long queues in front of the stations.

Oil company BP announced yesterday that nearly a third of the nation’s gas stations are missing the two most demanded fuels. The statement made by the company, which has 1,200 stations in the country, said, “We think that due to the excessive demand experienced in the last two days, approximately 30 percent of our stations in the country are out of the two most demanded fuel types. We strive to supply them as quickly as possible.”

Did The Simpsons foreshadow the UK fuel crisis 1 GMSPORS

Oil company Shell also made a statement about the fuel crisis in the country. A Shell spokesperson said in a statement, “Due to the high fuel demand we see at some of our stations, long queues may occur from time to time. We are making the necessary changes in our shipping schedules to provide fuel supply to our customers.”

The spokesperson said that vehicle owners, who think that there will be problems in the supply process, are on the way to gas stations to fill their vehicles. As car owners flock to petrol stations to fill up fuel stations due to the nationwide energy and transportation problem, the government has decided to freeze competition laws and allow companies to work together to solve problems.

The UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) causes a shortage of truck drivers in the country, and this affects many sectors. Concerns that the shortage of truck drivers in the country would interrupt gasoline shipments caused an increase in demand at some stations.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said in a statement yesterday that the shortage was caused entirely by panic buying and that the situation would be resolved.