Did Megan Fox abandon her kids to be with Machine Gun Kelly?

Megan Fox is thought to have abandoned her children to be with her current boyfriend. The American actress is now on the agenda mostly with her boyfriend and her different style.

Megan Fox attends parties, shows, and many events with her teenage boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, and is able to answer a few questions from reporters.

Famous model Megan Fox cannot keep up with her young lover Machine Gun Kelly, for whom she has been married for 11 years and left Brian Austin Green, the father of her children.

Megan Fox reproaches her ex-husband

World-famous actress Megan Fox reproached Brian Austin Green, the father of her three children, whom she divorced six months ago, for using photos of her children on Instagram. “You enjoy feeding the common narrative of me being an uninterested mother and you being an eternally devoted father,” Fox told her ex-wife.

Megan Fox, who divorced actor Brian Austin Green in May 2020 and started a new love affair with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, often reproaches her ex-wife on social media.

Fox, 36, expressed her anger on social media over the Halloween posting of her children, including her ex-husband, 49, and Journey, 6, aged.

“You enjoy feeding the common narrative that I’m an uninterested mother and eternally devoted father,” Fox said, reminding his ex-wife that they half-shared custody of the children.

The beautiful actress replied, “Congratulations, you’re a really great person! Why do you need the internet to repeat the obvious thing like your kids love you?” she replied. She shared her message.

On the other hand, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, who got married in 2010, parted ways in May. of the duo; They have three children named Bodhi Ransom Green, Noah Shannon Green and Journey River Green.

Megan Fox is in love with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Denise Fox is an American actress, model and producer. She has appeared in various important films, especially the Transformers series, and has been on the cover of magazines such as Maxim, Rolling Stone and FHM. 36-year-old Megan Fox has 3 children from her first husband.

The model, who is currently in a relationship with a rapper, is said to be not very interested in her children. However, Megan Fox has been told by her fans that she loves her children and wants to take care of them at every opportunity.

American actress Megan Fox, whose marriage to the father of her three children and 11-year husband Brian Austin Green deteriorated, met Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) on the set of the movie ‘Midnight In The Switchgrass’ and fell in love with each other. Fox, who was willing to end his marriage for this love, said that when he met rap singer Machine Gun Kelly, he understood that he was his ‘soul mate’.

The duo, who frequently shared on social media, had decided to marry in the past months. Megan Fox shared the moments when her lover proposed to her and wrote:

We were unaware of the pain we would experience together in such a short, crazy time. Unaware of the jobs and sacrifices the relationship will require from us, but intoxicated with love. Somehow a year and a half later, after walking through hell together, she asked me to marry her. And as in every lifetime before this and every lifetime that will follow, I said yes. And then we drank each other’s blood.

Describing the feature of the ring he gave to Fox in an interview, Machine Gun Kelly said that the ring consisting of two-colored precious stones was actually a “thorn” and that if Fox wanted to take this ring off his finger, it would hurt.

Machine Gun Kelly said, “These two rings are actually thorns. If he takes them off his finger, it will hurt. Because love hurts.”

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