Has Italian announcer Diletta Leotta broke up with her boyfriend?

Italian announcer Diletta Leotta and boxer Daniele Scardina end their relationship

Italian Diletta Leotta, one of the most important announcers of the sports world, ended her relationship with boxer lover Daniele Scardina. While the famous couple was talking about making peace again, having their holidays in the same place strengthened the claims of reconciliation.

Diletta Leotta, who is seen as one of the most famous announcers in the television world, had a love affair with boxer Daniele Scardina for a while, but the relationship between the two ended. The reasons why Leotta and Scardina’s love ended suddenly were also revealed.

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In the news reflected in the Italian press, it was stated that Leotta focused on himself and his job rather than his relationship and that he frequently went to different cities due to work disturbed Scardina and that he could not tolerate this situation after a while, despite these developments, it was stated that Leotta ended the relationship.


However, the latest rumors are that the two will make peace again … After Leotta, who was on vacation in Sardinia with a few friends, Scardina went on vacation to the same place and stayed in a very close place to Leotta.


While it is claimed that Sardinia went to Sardinia to make peace with Leotta, some sources have stated that the two were found in the same place by chance. The beautiful announcer, who made a statement about the separation, said, “The story between us and Daniele is not a story that can be trivialized as it is on social media. On the contrary, it is a very important and sensitive subject. For this reason, the things that I will tell about what are we going through are not things that can be fit in 3-5 pages. “

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Diletta Leotta love fell like a bomb!

A shocking claim was made from the Italian press. Milan’s legendary football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic was allegedly cheating on his wife with the famous host Diletta Leotta. While no explanation was made by the parties regarding this issue, this magazine claim had a bomb effect in the boot press.

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