Details about Tony Morris wife and life

Tony Morris married and did he have any children?


Tony Morris left behind two adult daughters, who have made touching tributes to their much-loved dad.

Tony Morris kept his marriage very private.

He was married, but little or no is understood about his wife.

However, the pair had two daughters, Natalie and Rebecca.

They were by Tony’s side when he gave up the ghost .

Do they need any children?
Natalie was born in 1988, and second daughter, Rebecca was born in 1990.

In a page of online tributes, Tony’s daughters wrote a touching message.

It read: “You all know him as ‘the guy off the news’ – but we all know him as our dad.

“It’s no surprise to us that numerous of you liked him.

“What you saw on TV every evening was exactly who he was – authentic and honest in everything he did, relentlessly funny, ferociously intelligent, endlessly kind – he lit up every room he walked into.

“We know there’ll be tons of individuals within the North West who are getting to miss him – so we all know we aren’t browsing this alone.


Daughter Natalie is a senior lifestyle writer at Metro and previously worked at ITV news.

She tweeted: “We lost our incredible dad on Saturday morning. He was more than a parent, he was also our best friend.

“We are utterly heartbroken, but so grateful for the time we had with him

“We will be offline with family for a while, but so appreciative of the lovely messages, Nat & Becky x”

How did Tony Morris die?

Tony was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2019 and died in Bury hospice on Lammas , 2020.

His co-presenter Lucy Meacock has paid tribute to him: “He was doubtless one among the foremost humble, kind and funny people I even have ever met, and he would often make me laugh till my sides ached.

“I am so very, very sad and my heart goes bent his daughters Nat and Becky.


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