Description of model Kanika Batra about her boyfriend

Model Kanika Batra’s statements about her boyfriend were spoken a lot. The sexy model Kanika Batra, who made statements about the deception incidents, was very much on the agenda.

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Model Kanika Batra admitted that she cheated on her boyfriends and had no regrets.

Kanika Batra states that the news that she often cheats on her boyfriends is true. Kanika Batra, a sexy model who often expresses that she is bored with her boyfriends, shows us that she is such a person.

Model Kanika Batra: I often cheated on my boyfriends

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Miss World Australia finalist Kanika Batra, a 26-year-old model, said on her YouTube channel that she cheated on three of her five boyfriends with whom she had a relationship so far due to her anti-social personality disorder and has never regretted it.

Model Kanika Batra was on the agenda with her confession about her private life. Batra explained why she didn’t regret having cheated on her boyfriends with these words.

“I’ve been to many doctors. They’ve all diagnosed me with anti-social personality disorder.”

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“This psychological illness that I live in prevents me from empathizing and respecting people.”

“That’s why I don’t feel any remorse or remorse for deceiving my lovers.”

Kanika got engaged to her boyfriend Sam, whom she cheated on before.

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Kanika said that although she does not regret her past mistakes, she tried not to make the same mistake twice.

While Kanika’s confession was met with reaction from many people, some people said that the mental problem she was experiencing led her to deceive her, so the model should not be strange.

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How to date a ‘sociopath’: The 26-year-old girlfriend with personality disorder reveals the difficulties in her relationship and why she never felt guilty for anything she did.

Kanika Batra: ‘I am a beauty queen and I admired Ted Bundy’

Kanika Batra has gone through years exploring the infamous chronic executioner and has now delivered a questionable book, regardless of complaints from casualties’ families.

This glamorous lady believes she has the stuff to grab the title of world’s hottest chronic executioner.

Kanika Batra, a 26-year-old Australian show darling, is the last individual you’d hope to be a specialist on Ted Bundy, who was executed 32 years prior on Jan. 24, 1989 for following, assaulting and damaging ladies all through a sickening period during the 1970s.


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Be that as it may, the her interest runs profound, driving her to pen an anecdotal novel, Honeytrap, which rethinks Bundy’s immense violations with a curve.

He has rivalry: an alluring female inn beneficiary who moonlights as a mass killer and fosters a relationship with the “Lady slayer” himself, following her own casualties in a progression of comparable unreasonable slayings that work out close by Bundy’s appalling history in 1974 Seattle.

“It’s truly disturbed,” Batra discloses to The New York Post from Sydney, where she’s been stuck during the pandemic.

“My character is unimaginably cruel and a total corresponding to Ted Bundy. I was scared re-perusing it some of the time.”

The finalist for Miss World Australia in 2018 and 2020 and put in the best 10 for Miss Universe New Zealand 2019 — is very much aware a few pundits will blame her for misusing genuine misfortunes. She’s OK with that.


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Saving no terrible subtleties, the thrill ride follows Maris — who is in medications school in spite of having a huge fortune available to her — and her daily bloodlust in the midst of medication drinking sprees and sex cavorts with the two people.

However, for her homicide binges, it’s exclusively “all-American men” Maris is after.

Batra’s presentation book is suggestive of Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho — at a certain point, Maris tunes in to “Dream a Little Dream” during a homicide and frequently subtleties her preparing routine — just as Dexter, since Maris appreciates keeping lethal tokens, or “prizes,” as she calls them, en route.

“Attempting to build an all out insane person was troublesome,” said Batra.

The profoundly grim story takes numerous exciting bends in the road once Maris connects up with Ted — will he slaughter her or capitulate to the, all things considered, “honeytrap?” — and is jam-loaded with disgusting subtleties even a ghastliness buff may discover revolting.

This makes you can’t help thinking about how a previous youngster model-turned-lovely lady could invoke something so wound.


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Batra, who is a coloratura soprano operatic vocalist, can banter easily — and in a bright tone, no less — on a huge number of unnerving genuine wrongdoing points including infamous butchers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard “Iceman” Kuklinski, whom she finds “so intriguing in light of the fact that he didn’t slaughter ladies or kids — he resembles a moral executioner.”

“Individuals don’t expect it since they have this picture in their psyches of young ladies who do expos being truly idiotic or insipid,” said Batra, adding companions were additionally alarmed she composed something so profoundly upsetting.

“It’s a stun to the vast majority that I fundamentally contend in events too.”

The incongruity isn’t lost upon her that a glamorous lady such as herself would dare pen a Bundy book, yet the model accepts she would be saved by him since she’s of Indian drop.

“I likewise realize I wouldn’t be a casualty since I’m not white,” she said of the slayer who focused caucasian co-eds. “There’s one layer of security there for me. I’m not his sort. It’s a gift and a revile.”

She figures Bundy himself would be charmed by her book, however.

“Ted was the greatest narcissist on earth and he would converse with any individual who might tune in,” she said, yet noted Bundy broadly never watched depictions of himself in films.

“I figure he would be really cheerful even this far on that somebody so intrigued would do long periods of examination and composing a particularly point by point anecdote about what he did.”

Bundy especially grabbed her eye, not due to his looks — a frequently discussed motivation to legitimize the mass interest with him — yet rather for his amazing critique while detained.

“I was watching a ton of narratives about chronic executioners however nothing truly captivated me the manner in which Ted Bundy did on the grounds that he was such a logical inconsistency of stances,” she conceded.

“He was pontificating about women’s liberation, he discussed the rights for individuals of color and it was simply fantastic he was as an afterthought simply ruining, assaulting and slaughtering ladies.”

In all honesty, her decision to make her own female chronic executioner in Honeytrap was intended to show another viewpoint, since she’s “tired of how ladies are depicted in the media as delicate and pitiable.”

“Ladies don’t will in general slaughter men, they will in general execute youngsters and creatures since they’re more modest and more fragile,” she said. “So I needed to show a demonstration of women’s liberation such that a lady can bring down a man double her size and not go after the frail and defenseless.”

Her own mission, however, was to endeavor to break Bundy’s intention — “I like to address puzzles,” she said — for carrying out such horrifying wrongdoings, an intricate undertaking she explored by reaching Dr. Robert D. Keppel, the manslaughter agent who followed Bundy for a very long time, Kathleen McChesney, one of few female specialists working on this issue, and Ann Rule, a companion of Bundy’s who proceeded to pen genuine wrongdoing books like The Stranger Beside Me.


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“I can by and large figure out most homicides concerning what the thought process is, however the polarity of his character is something that truly grabbed my eye,” she said, adding that she likewise talked with a neurobiologist who considered Bundy’s mind and Dr. Dorothy Lewis, his therapist whom he said farewell to before his execution.

“He was truly difficult to peruse.”

The new creator even injury up reaching casualties, including Carol DaRonch, who barely got away from a ruthless 1974 assault in a shopping center parking area.

“A many individuals were against [my book] including the groups of the people in question,” Batra said.

Yet, DaRonch had one concern: That Bundy not be worshiped.

“[DaRonch] was totally unnerved and was damaged for quite a long time after that,” Batra said of the survivor. “She needed to discuss her story, she simply needed to ensure I wasn’t celebrating Ted Bundy, which a many individuals do.”

Wendy Patrick, a profession examiner at a California District Attorney’s Office, revealed to The Post she’s arraigned “numerous charming lawbreakers” throughout the long term and Bundy’s “appealing big name persona” is “annihilating to the enduring group of casualties.”

A writer herself, Patrick said numerous chronic executioners “have been glamorized in the media — as a rule regarding narratives or books about their lives. The objective is typically not to celebrate yet instruct.”

While this “glamorizing” is an approach to depict “the social elements that worked with their law-breaking and getting away from recognition,” Patrick said “the outcome is frequently seriously re-damaging to the families and networks affected by the massacre they abandoned.”

Another impediment for Batra: Since her work is fiction, yet weaves in some genuine occasions from Bundy, she needed to keep it generally precise — for the most part to conciliate fan.

“I have a ton of Bundy fans who are understanding it and I would not like to be assaulted for a very long time so I ensured everything was incredibly, truly precise,” she said, highlighting occasions at Lake Sammamish, Bundy’s chasing grounds, in the initial not many sections. “I just traded out certain names.”

While she burned through many hours perusing and tuning in to Bundy interviews from Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth’s tapes (which became Netflix arrangement Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer), watching Law and Order: SVU and other profound plunges into destructive history, she in some cases thought that it was difficult to rest. So she never composed bed — “I could never write in the evening. It would crack me out something over the top.” — and would regularly go to scenes of Seinfeld to adapt.

“Jerry [Seinfeld] could cause you to feel much improved — or George [Costanza]. George is consistently around to cause you to feel good,” she said.

She’s since moved onto her next point for a book — shamed US lender Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in a high security Manhattan jail while being hung on sex dealing She intends to move to New York once pandemic limitations back off. Not long from now, she’ll likewise be contending in Miss Universe Australia 2021 — she sees whether she’s been picked in February — and will probably need to suggest the subject in her show circle, where her fondness for chronic executioner research is a mystery.

In any case, should genuine wrongdoing come up in inquiries from show judges, Batra will be prepared.


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