Denise Carpentieri’s hottest posts on social media

From Milan to Dubai via Mykonos. Young Denise Carpentieri from Pula has become a sexy social influencer. She has around 1.5 million followers on Instagram and makes a living with her OnlyFans profile. He was a guest of Rete 4’s “Zona Bianca” on Mediaset last night and talked about herself.

“Denise, that’s how sexy influence works”, that’s the headline that accompanies her videos.

Sexy photos shared online with pool parties, private clubs, travels and “subscribers”. These are the elements that enable him to acquire and lead a certain level of lifestyle. “This is not an easy task, not everyone can do it,” he says.

“But for me it’s a job like any other because I pay taxes,” he explains.

In the episode “But have you ever had cravings, has anyone taken advantage of them?” they ask. “Absolutely not, I’ve never had any problems,” she replies.

Denise carpentieris hottest posts on social media 5 gmspors

DENISE is known as a blogger and content producer with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She often uses half-naked photos and shooting tricks to make her breasts look upright on her social media account.

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