Denisa Spergerová gives fancy dress style fashion ideas

Miss Czech Republic champion Denisa Spergerová is one of the most popular women of 2022 with her elegant fashion thinking and physically impressive.

Denisa Spergerova (born 24 June 2000) is a Czech model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Czech Republic 2019 and then represented Czech Republic at Miss World 2019 in London but unplaced, and 2020 she was chosen as Miss Grand Czech Republic 2020 which her to represent the Czech Republic at the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant in BangkokThailand and she’s Top 10.

As of 2019, she graduated from the Private Language High School, a school with the right to take the state language examination in České Budějovice (Economic Lyceum). She lives in Prague in an apartment that won in Miss Czech Republic in the Luka Living complex from Elite Bath. In addition to winning the Miss World and an apartment in Luka Living from Elite Bath, she also won a Mercedes-Benz car from S&W Automobiles and many other material prizes.

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Denisa Spergerová Participated in the Fashion Show

Denisa Spergerová is a very experienced model after years of starting her career at a young age.

During this period, when she was spending the best years of her career, she was among the female models that she was interested in in the fashion world.

The elegant and high-quality lightly patterned outfit of the model, who took part in a special catwalk show with the fashion show @zuzanalesakcerna_designer, attracted attention.

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She was among the most remarkable women with her white dress at the show attended by special guests at Spa Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary.

Fairy girl image outfit in white tones, one of the trend colors of the fashion world this year.

Plus, semi-sexy slits and a quality woven work formed the highlights of her outfit.


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One of the most beautiful women of the Balkans, MISS CZECH REPUBLIC 2019 champion and model Denisa Spergerova aims to achieve great things in the most important years of her career.

Denisa Spergerová, Miss Czech Republic 2019 title, is one of a handful of women who can wear just about anything! She proved this once again with her sexy white dress in Vary.

Denisa attended the fashion show of designer Zuzana Lešák Černá at the Imperial Hotel, which was held as part of the famous Karlovy Vary Film Festival. A large number of stars attended the event: for example, model legend Andrea Verešová (42) walked on the podium, and Monika Bagárová (27) sang to those present. Former First Lady Livia Klausová (78) and singer Tomáš Klus (36) smiled from the audience to the models.

Lešák Černá Spergerová’s white dress suited her very well. The long-sleeved dress had a gorgeous neckline that went down to the belly button and a large slit that made the skirt look like nothing more than a dangerously placed loincloth.

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She was also among the models celebrating halloween.

She opted for a halloween costume with a slightly harsher tone of bunny girl style.

She shared her special moments about the celebration on her Instagram account.

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