Demi Lovato sexually assaulted by drug dealers

It turned out that Demi Lovato was sexually assaulted by drug dealers. The fight between the famous singer Demi Lovato and drug dealers was on the agenda.

Remarkable details continue to emerge from Demi Lovato‘s upcoming YouTube documentary. The documentary, which tells about the singer’s drug overdose, also includes the story of sexual assault that happened to her.

The Demi Lovato Story with Drug Dealers

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The details of the almost fatal drug overdose, which the famous singer Demi Lovato described in her documentary Dancing With the Devil, which she had experienced for a period, continue to emerge.

A review article appeared in The New York Times before the singer’s four-episode documentary Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil, which will be broadcast on YouTube starting March 23.

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In the article in the newspaper, the expression “The documentary is full of new confessions betraying previously kept mysterious information”.

About the documentary, the newspaper wrote: “The overdose came after six years of soberness and a period when he felt increasingly clinging to the measures she had taken to help his managers stay clean during this time. Overdose caused three strokes, heart attacks, and organ failure. She had pneumonia from drowning in his vomit, he suffered brain damage from a stroke, and she has permanent vision problems. She can no longer drive and describes the lasting effects as similar to sunspots. The drug dealer who brought the heroin that night sexually assaulted him, then left him to die. ”

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Demi Lovato, the famous singer who was hospitalized due to drug overdose in 2018, described her experiences in that period for the first time in her new documentary. Saying that he had three strokes and a heart attack, Lovato stated that he was still struggling with the damage left in his brain. Stating that he was hospitalized after being unconscious at his home in Los Angeles, Lovato said that his doctors said he was very close to death.

“I STILL Deal With Its Effects”

Stating that she had a stroke and heart attack three times due to drug overdose, Lovato said, “I received brain damage and I am still dealing with the effects of it today.”

The famous singer had previously stayed in the rehab center for a long time to combat eating disorder and drug addiction. Lovato also described the rehebilitation period in the documentary ‘Stay Strong’ published in 2012.

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