Delonte West spotted seeking help in the streets of Dallas

Delonte West Spotted on the Streets of Dallas Asking for Help Again

Back in January, previous St. Joe’s ball star Delonte West was in public features when a couple of recordings were distributed on the web, one of him getting beat up in the center of the road, trailed by a conversation with police where the greater part of what he said was incomprehensible.

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The 37-year-old is bipolar and has had tremendous psychological well-being battles since his NBA profession finished in 2012. This week, another photograph surfaced, demonstrating him in Dallas, Texas, asking in the city: The NBA, Doc Rivers, Jameer Nelson and the Players Association have effectively been attempting to get Delonte West assistance … this after another photograph surfaced demonstrating the previous star hooper not so good.

The viral photograph – allegedly taken as of late in Dallas – seems to show the 37-year-old previous watchman asking for cash in the city.

The inquiry has been … for what reason haven’t previous players and mentors stepped in and helped West?

Notably, TMZ Sports has learned, they’ve been pursuing for quite a long time.

Numerous sources reveal to us that the alliance, NBPA, and Delonte’s previous mentor, Doc Rivers, and previous St. Joe’s school colleague, Jameer Nelson, and others have endeavored to get DW much required help.

FYI, West was the 24th in general pick in the 2004 NBA Draft. He played 8 NBA seasons for the SuperSonics, Mavs, Cavs and Celtics … where he played for Rivers.

Delonte west really out here in north dallas smh

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Problem with Delonte situation:

It’s truly tragic. Each new picture aggravates an awful story.

The issue with Delonte’s circumstance isn’t that individuals are reluctant to help. He’s had Phil Martelli, Jameer Nelson, and other previous partners and mentors connect. The NBA has offered help. It appears like he’s been reluctant to acknowledge that help in light of his critical emotional well-being battles. He has not helped out help endeavors.

What’s the way ahead in case you’re attempting to help somebody who is reluctant to acknowledge that help?

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Delonte West got a nice job in his new life

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