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Deadpool 3 is coming to our country. Despite its popularity, there was no other solo film venture, but film star Ryan Reynolds confirmed the deadpool 3’s future. But when is he coming?

Although no official release date has yet been released, Reynolds had previously announced that working on these films could be a slow process, so we can wait a bit for Deadpool 3.

In an interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds shared a few details about Deadpool 3 and explained how the story progressed. Speaking at the Chinese premiere of Deadpool 2, Reynolds said the upcoming sequel is under development. Disney and Fox in partnership with the next film to the stage of the shooting process has been a little stalling the actor, said that the film will still be as planned. Among the planned, the third Deadpool film is going in a completely different direction from the first two films. However, he said that it would be very difficult for any character on the screens to be written or changed differently.

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Deadpool 3 Coming: Possible Release Date, Actors & Story

Deadpool’s third movie, which is currently under Disney’s production rights, will come. However, the statements of both actor Ryan Reynolds and the production team do not point to a recent date. Still, we will see a story in which the film will encounter other Marvel characters.

We’ve compiled what’s known about the Deadpool 3 vision history, story, and cast.
There are many heroes in universes like Marvel and DC who are friends of the good and enemies of the evil, but Deadpool is not one of them; he is an anti-hero. Deadpool, who communicated with the audience by breaking the fourth wall, was very popular with his first two films. All fans are waiting for the Deadpool 3 movie.

The first Deadpool movie released in 2016 scored 8.0 points on IMDb, and the second released in 2018 scored 7.7 points. Even the thought of Deadpool’s new movie that reaches important points and views is enough to excite all the fans. We told you all the curiosities about Deadpool 3 and answered the question of Deadpool 3’s future.

When is the Deadpool 3 release date?

After the merger of Disney and 20th Century Fox, many people thought that popular characters such as X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four returned home and the films would be made by Marvel. Although this is partially true, there is no clear development that can give hope for the Deadpool 3 movie.

Deadpool 3 was not among the four films announced by Marvel at the 2019 Comic-Con. Of course, it does not come as if this is not and cannot be an official date. “Marvel has promised us that, we will play a little more with Deadpool in the sandbox of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” said Paul Wernick, co-author of the series.

Although the author’s statement gave hope, the star of the series, Ryan Reynolds, did not alleviate the question marks in the minds by saying “I don’t know, we will wait and see”. Rob Liefeld, the creator of the Deadpool character, said, “The first two movies were very nice, even if they don’t continue, I don’t want the fans to have great expectations.”

The only thing understood at the end of all these statements and backstage rumors is that there is no official yes or no. Still, according to many film writers, Deadpool will be filmed, but it will also be postponed because of the pandemic. It is thought that the movie Deadpool 3 will meet the audience on the big screen in 2023 at the earliest and 2025 at the latest.

Who will be on the Deadpool 3 actor list?

Reynolds sprinkled hearts with a statement and said, “This is the role I have felt most privileged in my whole career, I feel like I was born for it, I love Deadpool.” Since we are certain to see Ryan Reynolds in a possible Deadpool 3 movie, the question of who will be his co-stars comes to mind.

Even if the character Vanessa, the beloved of Deadpool, who was brought to life by Morena Baccarin, is dead, she can come back with flashbacks or miracles of the comic book world.

Colossus, played by Stefan Kapičić, as young X-Men characters in the second film, Negasonic Teenage Warhead played by Brianna Hildebrand and Yukio by Shioli Kutsuna, as well as Cable, played by Josh Brolin, and Domino, played by Zazie Beetz. character is also among the names that can be included in the Deadpool 3 roster.

Of course, these names are just some of the characters we see in the movies. Deadpool has a long history, friends and foes in the comic book world. Like every comic book adaptation movie, the Deadpool 3 movie can also feature popular characters from the comic book world, which we saw for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What about the Deadpool 3 story?

Ryan Reynolds said that in the third film, the possibilities were considered, such as starting all over again, taking everything out of Deadpool and going in a completely different direction. Given these possibilities, a time travel story that spans the entire movie in Deadpool 3 does not seem impossible at all.

In fact, this possibility becomes even stronger considering that Negasonic Teenage Warhead character repairs Cable’s time machine in the finale of Deadpool 2 movie.

In Deadpool 3, we can see Cable character and his daughter Hope more often. Since superhero teams such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four have no excuse not to be in Marvel movies anymore, Deadpool 3 can be the scene of the stories of characters we have never seen before.

According to a difficult but exciting claim, Marvel could portray Garrison Kane, one of the X-Force subjects in the comic book world, in the new movie the beloved actor The Rock Dwayne Johnson. However, it seems unlikely that we will watch The Rock in Deadpool 3, as it is known to portray one of the DC characters, Black Adam.

When will the Deadpool 3 trailer be released?

There is no clear answer to the question of when the Deadpool trailer will be released, since filming has not yet started and there is not even an official confirmation yet. But Ryan Reynolds, who has a childish spirit, will excite the fans and make shares that will anger the producers the first moment he takes the script.

When is Deadpool 3 coming for you, what is the vision date, what will be the subject, who the players are, we have answered the curious questions and shared the explanations about the subject. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for Deadpool 3 yet, but until that day you can re-watch movies and read comics.

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