David Beckham shared a video of his wife Victoria Beckham’s hips

World famous name David Beckham shared the video of his wife Victoria Beckham’s hips

Famous football player David Beckham shared his wife Victoria Beckham‘s buttocks by putting a peach emoji from her social media account. The article in which the football player wrote a video became the agenda in a short time.

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David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, one of the famous names of the show world, sat on the agenda of social media with a video. David Beckham shared his hips as Victoria climbed the stairs, with whom he had been together for many years.

Some of his followers made insults and criticisms after David Beckham shared his wife’s hips. Other followers expressed that a married couple can act freely. David Beckham, which is on the agenda in social media, made many of his followers laugh with the emoji he put on his wife’s hips.

David Beckham pulled the hip of his wife, Victoria Beckham, who climbed the stairs and shared it on his Instagram account with the note “He looks good”. While this video of the couple was on the agenda in a short time, their fans were divided into two. While some found the video entertaining, some reacted to David for sharing this kind of video of his wife.

Instagram shock to Victoria Beckham!

Victoria Beckham shared her new design on her social media account. Instagram removed the post on the grounds that it was obscene.

Victoria Beckham shared the preparatory image of her new collection to be exhibited at London Fashion Week on her Instagram account. The video showed a nude model showcasing one of Beckham’s new designs.

The post in question was taken down by Instagram on the grounds that it was obscene.

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