Danyell Lanza allegedly withholding relief funds

Twitch broadcaster, who raises money for cancer patients, did not make the donation she promised.

Twitch partner Danyell Lanza, username TheDanDangler, didn’t donate half of the money she raised from her breast cancer awareness fundraiser. The realization of this situation sparked a great debate among Lanza’s followers.

Twitch streamer Dante, with the username TheBoiSantana, stated in a tweet on Twitter that he witnessed the broadcast for breast cancer awareness, that half of the broadcast’s earnings were not donated, and this is disgusting. TheBoiSantana posted the following on Twitter:

The other day I witnessed a broadcaster do a breast cancer awareness broadcast, but only donated 50% of the proceeds to research… Pushed me in the wrong direction, I was disgusted.

Many in the Twitch community have argued that TheDanDangler’s charity broadcasts are unethical. TheBoiSantana claimed to have used a disease to get more people to donate and take 50% home. Although TheBoiSantana did not directly specify the target in the tweet, TheDanDangler, who saw the tweet, included these words:

Did I donate half of my earnings that day? And you told everyone it was my plan? What did you do?

TheDanDangler responded with receipt

TheDanDangler got into an argument with another publisher, Lauren, under the same tweet. Lauren requested that the receipt of the amount donated to the charity be published. However, TheDanDangler said that they can contact cancer.org for this. Lauren was given an email copy of her receipt and asked that she show it to everyone, but TheDanDangler insisted on not sharing the receipt.

In 2020, publishers on the platform raised more than $83 million in total to many charities such as children’s hospitals, cancer research foundations or Mehmetçik foundation.

Although people believed that it was unethical to take part of charity publications earnings, some defended TheDanDangler. They argued that a Twitch streamer has overall living costs just like a charity, and therefore it is unethical for this streamer to take a percentage.

The claim that Danyell Lanza did not donate half of the money she collected from the donation publication she created for breast cancer awareness is still spoken on social media.

Danyell Lanza TWITCH STAR

BIRTHDAYNovember 5, 1995
AGE25 years old

Jerk star known for streaming Call of Duty on her TheDanDangler channel. She has acquired more than 150,000 devotees on the stage.

She posted her first TikTok in June 2019. The video has acquired more than 5,000 perspectives.

She began a YouTube channel where she posted her first video in April 2020. She has been supported by G FUEL and HyperX.

She regularly posts TikToks highlighting her pet canine.

In August 2019, she posted a TikTok including the melody “Consistently Been You” by Quinn XCII.

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