Danny Rose arrested for his car accident in the morning

Experienced left-back Danny Rose, wearing England’s National Team and Tottenham Hotspur jerseys, was arrested at 4 am after a traffic accident.

Danny Rose was arrested after his car accident while driving towards the morning. 30-year-old football player Danny Rose crashed on the A45 highway in Northampton.

It was stated that Danny Rose, who was arrested for using dangerous vehicles and taken to the police station, survived the accident he made on the way to see his family and his alcohol test was negative.

A spokesperson for the Northamptonshire Police told the press, “We can confirm that a 30-year-old man was arrested today in Northampton around 4:00 am on suspicion of dangerous driving on the A45. The suspect is currently held at a police station in the county, so it would not be appropriate for the Northamptonshire police to comment further now. ” used the expressions.

Speaking about Danny Rose’s accident, an eyewitness said, “The car was badly damaged and had only three wheels. He was lucky to survive this vehicle. He was breathless. Officers at the scene arrested him and were worried about his condition.” He spoke in the form.


Police arrived at the scene of the accident soon after, and Rose took an alcohol test, which she tested negative.

Tottenham defender Danny Rose was in a car accident Tuesday-Wednesday night.

The Sun notes that the 30-year-old Rose fell into a fence that separates two lanes on Route 45 in Northampton and collided with the effect of leaving her car without wheels.

Rose eventually escaped unharmed, but her car was badly damaged.

Police soon arrived at the crash scene and Rose was subjected to an alcohol test, which she tested negative, but was taken to the police station for further questioning on suspicion of dangerous driving.

Rose was left at the Spurs exit and at the mercy of coach Jose Mourinho and was excluded from the Premier League and Europa League.

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