Danni Menzies faces scarred after moped accident

Danni Menzies of A Place In The Sun reveals jaw-dropping injuries with her scarred face and two black eyes after a moped accident.

DANNI Menzies has uncovered the full degree of her facial wounds after she was hit by a sulked a year ago.

The 31-year-old was left oblivious during the crush and with an enormous slash on both her lip and eyebrow.

Sharing pictures from the mending system, while she had two bruised eyes, Danni told her devotees: “I would rather not trigger anybody yet amazing. I’m just barely thinking back on what went on a couple of months prior. Mental.”

She added: “Lacked the ability to contemplate sharing any pics at that point.”

The A Spot In The Sun star was hurried to medical clinic in October subsequent to being hit by the taken vehicle, which was going at 30mph.

Danni was taken out after two females – who were endeavoring to take an unattended sulked – failed to keep a grip on the vehicle.

Pictures from the occurrence show her canvassed in blood and in a surprise as she sat on the asphalt shrouded in blood outside a newsagent in Battersea, London, prior to being hauled away in a rescue vehicle.

Following the crush, Danni was left enduring with post-awful pressure problem and post horrible dizziness.

The Scottish star enjoyed some time off from virtual entertainment, telling fans: “Sooooo… . On Saturday I was taken out (on the asphalt!) by a taken sulked that let completely go.

“Didn’t see it coming and it’s not looking pretty right now tbh.

“I’m certain I will be fine in half a month however meanwhile I will be a small piece calm on here.”

She later kidded that she had cut her periphery brilliantly to cover her scar.

Last year Danni uncovered she was leaving A Spot In The Sun following six years and was prepared to stretch out to new television jobs.

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