Daniella Chavez buys football club and people are surprised by her

Successful Adult Model Raised 119 M IDR From OnlyFans To Buy A Football Club In Chile. Social media phenomenon Daniella Chavez said she earned $5 million by selling her nude photos to adult content platforms and wants to buy O’Higgins FC, which is struggling in Chile by continuing to save money.

Former Playboy Magazine model Daniella Chavez raised huge funds on OnlyFans in just a few weeks for her hometown football club to win the Chilean premier league.

Model Daniella Chavez, a phenomenon on social media, took action to buy O’Higgins FC from Chilean teams.

What will you do to support your favorite football club?

Daniella chavez buys football club and people are surprised by her 3 gmspors

Former Playboy magazine model Daniella Chavez has never forgotten her first love, O’Higgins FC in her hometown of Rancagua. Higgins was promoted to the Chilean premier league a few years ago, but didn’t have enough money to compete with more established clubs from the capital, Santiago. As a result, the club’s achievements are considered temporary. Chavez thinks it needs a management update and of course a massive capital injection.

By selling pornographic photo content on OnlyFans, Chavez has managed to raise US$8 million (equivalent to Rp.119 billion) since the beginning of August 2022. According to the company’s valuation, her goal is actually $20 million, to make him the owner of the O’Higgins club. But the $8 million figure is already impressive because Chavez managed to get it in a matter of weeks.

Daniella chavez buys football club and people are surprised by her 2 gmspors

“I was born and raised in Rancagua. I’ve supported O’Higgins since I was a kid. Unfortunately, this club is underperforming,” Chavez said in an interview with local radio ADN. “I’m optimistic, with a touch of new management and the funds I’ve brought in, Higgins can achieve much more. Not just to defend, but to have the will to win.”

Chavez chose to raise money using OnlyFans because it is the easiest tool to use. “I honestly have no problem selling nude photos out there, I’ve been a Playboy model for a long time,” she said with a laugh.

Daniella chavez buys football club and people are surprised by her 1 gmspors

Chavez graced the cover of Playboy’s Spanish, Mexican and Venezuelan editions. He is now becoming an online celebrity and of course an OnlyFans celebrity.

Unfortunately, Chavez’s ambitions were a bit stymied. The owner of O’Higgins is said to be reluctant to give the majority stake to the adult model. This is because a spokesperson for Higgins said in an interview with Chilean website Redgol, “there is no option to buy shares to third parties.”

Responding to the subtle refusal, Chavez publicly criticized O’Higgins’ administration on accusations of gender discrimination. “Why aren’t they considering my offer? Some of the funds have already been raised. Is it because I’m a girl and a Playboy model?”

After Chávez’s criticism went viral, O’Higgins FC management hastily issued a public statement. They denied that the owner did not want to release the shares. Management just wants it, if Chavez really wants to buy, her offer needs to be communicated “officially”, not through social media announcements.

After the latest announcement, Chavez admitted that she will continue to raise money seriously through OnlyFans. She promised to hold a meeting with O’Higgins management immediately to formally make the purchase if the US$20 million target is met.

Uniquely, this is not Chavez’s first investment in a football club. In 2020, it first acquired Sur Sports, also a Rancagua-based third division football club. The adult model is really serious about raising the status of her city by investing in local clubs no matter how it’s done by selling inappropriate content.

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