Daniel Stephens crushed under BMW while stealing

The father of three was crushed to death by a BMW while trying to steal the catalytic converter.

A DAD of three was killed under a BMW while attempting to take its exhaust system, an examination heard.

Daniel Stephens, 25, endured chest, face and neck wounds when the raise holding the engine fell.

He told a companion he could sell the converter for £500 and needed the money to pay court expenses to guarantee better admittance to his youngsters.

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BMW proprietor Russell ­Seldon discovered Mr Stephens as he went to head to work at 6am.

He said: “I saw a couple of legs standing free from the vehicle.

“I called out and pulled on the individual’s leg . . .  there was no reaction.”

Mr Stephens, of Blaenavon, Torfaen, was hardened and cold when police showed up.

He kicked the bucket from squash asphyxia and was distinguished from tattoos and fingerprints, the Pontypridd investigation heard.

Buddy Aaron Godfrey said: “He had spoken with regards to taking an exhaust system from a BMW he had seen.

“He realized it would be worth around £500 – yet I advised him not to do anything dumb or take anything.”

Coroner Rachel Knight gave a finish of unplanned demise.

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