Daniel Craig was also one of the stars on Hollywood Boulevard

World-famous actor Daniel Craig has joined the celebrities who starred on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“James Bond” posing for the cameras at the opening ceremony held on the pavement, became the 2,704th celebrity to have his name written on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The 53-year-old actor’s star on the sidewalk is next to the star of former James Bond actor Roger Moore.

“I never thought I’d say it would be an honor to walk on you in Hollywood,” the American actress said in his opening speech.

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Craig stated that he would not play the world’s most famous secret agent role again in ‘No Time to Die’, the last movie of the James Bond series, which was released the other day.

James Bond star Daniel Craig became the 2,704th person to have a star of his own on Hollywood Boulevard.

According to the news in the BBC, Daniel Craig has also been added to Hollywood Boulevard, where the names of famous stars are engraved on the pavement in the US state of California.

“I never thought I’d say this, but it’s an honor to be walked on in Hollywood,” Craig said.

The new James Bond movie No Time To Die has been released after delays due to the pandemic.

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