Dancer Alena Garver started producing content on tiktok

Alena Garver, who started to know more about dance from a young age and is now a famous dancer, is now on tiktok.

Alena Garver, who has more than 45 thousand fans on Instagram, has recently started to share content on tiktok and aims to increase the number of followers.

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Born on May 20, 2005, Alena Garver is known as a dancer on social media.

Otherwise called Bug, she is a refined artist who has proceeded as an individual from the LA SparKids dance group. She would win Go90’s Dance Off Juniors season 2 of every 2016.

She prepared as an artist at the Millennium Dance Complex. She moved at a So You Think You Can Dance choreographers grandstand.

She was conceived one of six kin. She has a more seasoned sister named Alyssa and four siblings.

She took a hip jump class at IDA Hollywood which Matt Steffanina educated.

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With her full name, Alena Garver aka Bug started her popularity on Instagram and started to continue on other social media platforms.

She is a dancer and influencer known by her username alenagarverrr.

She also posts on Snapchat.

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