Daisy Keech Gains Millions of Fans on Tiktok

Daisy keech gains millions of fans on tiktok 1 gmspors

The fame of Daisy Keech, known as an Instagram model and Tiktoker and reaching a large fan base with her shares, started to increase day by day.

Daisy keech gains millions of fans on tiktok 3 gmspors

If some fans think that Daisy Keech only produces content for Tiktok and Instagram, they are wrong. She posts privately on both Twitter and Onlyfans platforms, and her monthly income reaches thousands of dollars.

Daisy Keech is a very knowledgeable and experienced model in fitness. Workaut videos gained millions of views on Youtube. Although Daisy Keech has taken a hiatus from her workout posts, it’s one of her most fan-watched content.

Her video “The cutest sound ever” on Tiktok has over 24 million views. The Tiktok content, in which they brought to the fore their bikini styles by the sea, which they shot together with danielleyyyayalaaa, received millions of views in a short time.

@daisykeech The cutest sound ever @danielleyyyayalaaa ♬ Hi I'm Dory! – strawbwearyzvsp

Strengthen your abs with just 10 minutes of daily workouts on TikTok by Daisy Keech

Daisy Keech owes some of her popularity to her workout challenges, routines she posts on her YouTube channel and on social networks. Inspired by the influencer’s looks, hundreds of women try to follow their workouts and share their achievements.

It just went viral again, but this time Daisy Keech’s famous challenge to strengthen the tummy is on TikTok. It’s a brutal workout, but one that can be accomplished in just 10 minutes a day.

Everyone adapts the routine to their needs, but it works according to the users they work with. It only takes a few minutes to strengthen the abdominal muscles and sweat from day to day.

Daisy keech gains millions of fans on tiktok 2 gmspors

Those who practice this have only one warning: “You will sweat a drop of oil”. As Daisy explains in the video, you should do one minute of each exercise non-stop until you’ve completed a total of nine moves that will set your stomach on fire.

It is a high-intensity exercise to burn calories in a short time. You’ll need to do as many reps as you can in a minute, but ideally, focus on doing them right, not doing them fast.


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♬ Sheikh Talk – Tyga

Daisy Keech’s challenge on TikTok to strengthen the belly

  • Basic exercises. Lying on your back and legs at a 90º angle, lift your torso as high as possible by exerting force with your abdominal muscles without pulling your neck.
  • Bike. An exercise whose purpose is to alternate the opposite elbow and knee together. Keep your neck up to apply more tension.
  • Jack Knives. Touch your foot, raising your foot vertically with the opposite hand, until you’ve completed 15 reps on each side.
@daisykeech @yerger ♬ original sound – alexa 🍓
  • Russian folds. Sit with your back straight, lift your legs and move your hands from side to side.
  • Foot Taps. Put your hands under your hips, lift your head off the ground and lift your legs vertically and alternately.
  • Cycling exercise. Face up, bend one leg, put your foot on the floor and cross the other over it. With your hands behind your head, bring your elbow towards your opposite knee.
Daisy keech gains millions of fans on tiktok 1 gmspors
  • Scissors. Lie on your back, hands under your hips and cross your legs horizontally as many times as possible for one minute.
  • reverse crunch. Raise your hips in a controlled way to help your abs and don’t put your feet on the ground as you go down.
  • Butterfly kicks. An exercise similar to the leg extension but the range of motion will be shorter and faster.

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