Curious New Netflix Series: ‘Love and Anarchy’ Quickly Becomes Popular

New Netflix Series: ‘Love and Anarchy’ A Fast-Rising Trend

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Netflix’s new series ‘Love & Anarchy’, which is indispensable for our sleepless nights and the days we spend under the blanket, has already taken its place among the most watched.

The Swedish-made series, which aired on November 4, tells about the relationship between a married woman and a young man who works at the same workplace and enters his life. Of course, we can say that this relationship caused radical changes in the lives of both.

In the cast of the series; There are names such as Björn Mosten, Ida Engvoll, Gizem Erdoğan and Johannes Bah Kuhnke. Lina Wertmüller sits in the director’s chair of the fun drama.

We cannot help but mention the charm of the characters of Max and Sofie in the lead roles 😍 If we said a separate reason to watch it next to the plot of the series, we wouldn’t be lying.

Netflix’s new Scandinavian series Love and Anarchy was presented to the audience on the platform as of November 4, 2020.

Joining Netflix after Quicksand, another recent Scandinavian series, the production brings fun moments. After it is certain that it will be published in February 2020; The series, which has managed to come to the fore frequently with both trailers and interviews, already seems to have received the valid score by many. The production, which includes romantic-comedy and drama themes, consists of 8 episodes.

Love & Anarchy Series Comment and Review

The cast of the series includes Ida Engvoll and Björn Mosten, as well as Swedish-born Gizem Erdogan. The successful actress, who has been awarded many awards for her fascinating performance in Kalifat, appears in this series with the character of Denise. The series is directed by Lisa Langseth. Lisa Langseth, who also made a great contribution to the script of the production; Alex Haridi, Amanda Högberg and Antonia Pyk accompany.

Some of the actors who stand out with their performance in the series:
  • Ida Engvoll – Sofie
  • Björn Mosten – Max
  • Carla Sehn – Caroline
  • Gizem Erdoğan – Denise
  • Björn Kjellman – Ronny
  • Reine Brynolfsson – Friedrich

Even if I’m not exaggerating, I can say that I like the show. It wasn’t the best TV series I’ve seen this year, but it was a positive production for me to spend time with. There are examples from your own world; A drama awaits you, in which you sometimes laugh and sometimes feel emotional.

Love and Anarchy Comment and Social Media Reactions

im watching love & anarchy for the plot
the plot:

— mar (@timmysIaurie) November 4, 2020

#LoveandAnarchy I just need a Max to my life. 😍

— kyxtr336 (@mosaic_girl) November 8, 2020

HERREGUD! This Swedish comedy series is unexpectedly good! Its simple, funny, & sexy! Even tho the main storyline is about unhealthy relationship (cheating), but I really enjoyed every moment that was created between the two main characters! #LoveandAnarchy #LoveandAnarchyNetflix

— Kritikustik (@kritikustik) November 8, 2020

I’M: IN LOVE. #LoveandAnarchy

— Sra. Russell💕🇨🇴 (@heyitskatm) November 4, 2020

This is my official recommendation of #LoveandAnarchy on Netflix!

— Hoku Krueger (@HokuKrueger) November 12, 2020

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