Cristiano Ronaldo’s one-day girlfriend, Natacha Rodrigues, warns Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo’s one-night stand was in the spotlight when Natacha Rodrigues warned Georgina Rodriguez.

Natacha Rodrigues, with whom the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo had a short-term love affair, announced that the famous football player had been sending him a message for two years and that he maintained this attitude after meeting with Georgina Rodriguez, whom he is currently with. . The woman who warned Ronaldo’s lover Rodriguez, “Do not take your eyes off her, she will throw you away!” She called.

Cristiano ronaldos one day girlfriend natacha rodrigues warns georgina rodriguez 2 gmspors

Star football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who is on the agenda with his transfer to England’s Manchester United team, has made a striking claim about him. Natacha Rodrigues, who said she had a short-term love affair with Ronaldo, said that professional football players attracted a lot of attention from beautiful women who were eager to throw themselves into their arms.

Stating that the star football player has been chasing himself for two years, Rodrigues also warned Georgina Rodriguez, whom Cristiano Ronaldo is with and who is the mother of a child.

Natacha Rodrigues knows Cristiano Ronaldo

Speaking to the British newspaper The Sun, Natacha Rodrigues said, “The same thing can happen in Manchester as in Europe. If there is a future for them, Georgina should look after him, she can throw him aside like me!” said.

Cristiano ronaldos one day girlfriend natacha rodrigues warns georgina rodriguez 1 gmspors

Ronaldo and Rodrigues had a short-term relationship in 2017. According to Rodrigues, this happened shortly after Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez met. Natacha Rodrigues claimed that the famous football player secretly sent her private messages for two years. Rodrigues and Ronaldo, who met after these messages, had a short-lived relationship.

Natacha Rodrigues claimed that after their one-night stand, Ronaldo blocked her from social media and did not call again. Rodrigues, who does not hide that this behavior hurt him a lot at that time and still suffers from it, said, “There will always be two parts in my life, before and after Ronaldo.” said. Natacha Rodrigues also said that she regrets not being able to date Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rodrigues claims that Ronaldo began sending social media messages to him in 2015, shortly after he broke up with Irina Shayk. Explaining that even after meeting Georgina Rodriguez, whom he is currently with, the football player begged for months with the messages he sent him, Rodrigues added that he felt “used” after meeting Ronaldo and being together.

“I couldn’t believe I was walking in Ronaldo’s apartment. My heart was beating like crazy. But he was so kind and gentle. He told me to feel at home,” said Rodrigues. he told me. Natacha Rodrigues, who said she had only seen Ronaldo on television before, said that her real-life situation did not disappoint her. Rodrigues added that they texted with Ronaldo the next day.

Natacha Rodrigues stated that the football player did not approve of this after she said she would participate in a program that will be broadcast on Portuguese television. “He told me not to participate in that program. But I signed the contract and I was going to get paid well,” said Rodrigues. Natacha Rodrigues added that she did not talk about Cristiano Ronaldo on the show, but that the player did not respond to messages sent to her.

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