Cristiano Ronaldo sets new double record

Cristiano Ronaldo, who lifted rival networks once in the match in which Juventus beat Sassuolo 3-1, added new titles to his cv. The Portuguese shared the title of the history’s top scorer belonging to Josef Bican. The 35-year-old star managed to become the first to score at least 15 goals in 15 consecutive seasons in Europe’s 5 major leagues.

Juventus’ Portuguese star Criestiano Ronaldo added new titles to his dazzling CV in the match where his team beat Sassuolo 3-1. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 759th goal in his professional career, contributing to the record for Josef Bican’s top scorer of all time.

Ronaldo, who caught the Czech origin player who took off the rival nets 759 times with Rapid Wien, Admira, Slavia Prag and Dinamo Prag jerseys between 1931-1955, had passed the former Brazilian Pele in the past weeks. Lionel Messi ranked 5th in this area.


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The 35-year-old player became the first player to reach 15 goals in the 5th consecutive season in Europe’s 5 major leagues.

Ronaldo reached his first double figures with Manchester United in 2006-07. The successful striker scored 17 goals in 34 matches with the British team.

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Serie ASerie A132.31151– / – / –1.092′
Total: 132.31151– / – / –1.092′

Ronaldo, who will turn 36 next month, continued his outstanding performance. The Portuguese aired rival networks at least 15 times in the following seasons.

Constantly compared to Ronaldo, Lionel Messi has achieved this feat for 12 consecutive seasons since 2008-09. The Argentine, who has already scored 11 goals, seems to increase his statistics to 13 seasons this season.

Ronaldo’s worth to Juventus is revealed in matches without him. While Black & Whites caught 72.4 percent of victories in the matches played by Ronaldo; In matches without him, this ratio drops to 46.7 percent. Ronaldo and Juventus averaged 2.3 points in the matches, and 1.7 without him.

The average goal of Juventus, nicknamed Old Woman, with Ronaldo was 2.1, and 1.5 without Ronaldo. Juventus scored an average of 0.9 goals in his goal in games with him. Without it, the figure increased to 1.1.

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