Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Juventus Facilities

Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus facilities for the last time! He said goodbye to his friends and left the world star team.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing to sign for Manchester City. Ronaldo came to training today and said goodbye to his teammates. The few fans who showed up in front of the facility thought these were rumors, but were stunned when Ronaldo quickly left the facility.

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At the age of 36, Ronaldo takes on a new challenge. The Portuguese star agreed with Manchester City on everything. It is stated that Juventus and City have also largely reached a compromise. The Portuguese star went to the club facilities for the last time today.

Ronaldo traveled to Turin for the last time to pick up his belongings at the resort and say goodbye to his friends. The Portuguese, who stayed here for half an hour, quickly left the facility. A small number of fans went to the facility to find out if the incident was real. The fact that the news of the separation was true caused surprise among the fans.

According to the last minute news of the Spanish newspaper AS; Cristiano Ronaldo has reached an agreement with Manchester City on all issues. Conditions are negotiated between the clubs. The Portuguese star is expected to be in England next week.

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Juventus coach Allegri: Ronaldo’s departure request granted, no longer with us

Cristiano Ronaldo has officially left Juventus. “He said he wanted to leave and it was accepted. That’s why he didn’t attend training,” said Juve coach Allegri.

Juventus Coach Massimiliano Allegri put an end to Ronaldo polemics. The Portuguese star has officially left Juventus.

“Everything passes, it’s a law of life. Ronaldo made his contribution and now he’s leaving. Life goes on. Cristiano Ronaldo said he didn’t want to stay at Juventus and wanted to leave the team immediately. Cristiano Ronaldo did not disappoint.

Ronaldo’s departure did not disappoint me. Cristiano made his choice. In Juventus, great champions such as Del Piero, Zidane, Buffon played and left. And Juventus continues on its way. We accepted his request and that’s why he didn’t train.”

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