Cristiano Ronaldo in sad situation for Jaqueline Sousa

Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he was angry with the non-father player. Jaqueline Sousa, a young Brazilian woman who claims to be pregnant with a married Premier League player, knows the CR7 player.

The 33-year-old event hostess revealed a background to her troubled past with a Premier footballer: the Portuguese player also wanted to show her support.

Cristiano ronaldo in sad situation for jaqueline sousa gmspors

Support for Cristiano Ronaldo Jacqueline Sousa

It’s a difficult story, a completed pregnancy, and someone who escaped and was never heard of. So, we can sum up the story that Premier League footballer ex-boyfriend Jaqueline Sousa tells to Sun. The woman who had flirted with the anonymous actress for two years became pregnant, but the man did not welcome her and disappeared without a trace. The story announced to British tabloids caused such a sensation that it also caught the attention of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jaqueline Sousa is a young Brazilian woman who worked as the public highlights on the Milan night. Jaqueline knows many powerful people; businessmen, artists and football players. In one of these life crosses, the young Brazilian will meet a star of the Premier League, whose romance he lived through.

According to ‘The Sun’, that actress was married to another woman. “He said he loved me and assured that marriage made no sense,” Jacqueline told the British newspaper. When the young woman announced that she was pregnant, the romance lost its appeal. From that moment problems began, with the footballer refusing to take on the fatherhood of the boy, who is now 9 months old, and who, according to the publication, looks like the alleged father.

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Cristiano Ronaldo heart of gold: message of support

Jaqueline Sousa said that her ex received messages of support from many friends they believed were acting “irresponsibly”. As he explained to The Sun, “One of them is Cristiano Ronaldo. They were shocked by his behavior. “The name of the actor, whose name could not be named for legal reasons, did not respond to the paternity case that started after two years of relationship. He will go to court in October” and his name could be made public. “The only people in contact are footballers who know him and are aware of our relationship,” said the 33-year-old event hostess.

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